Runs With Asthma

If I were to have a proper Native American moniker, a la "Dances With Wolves," perhaps this would be fitting. This AM I visited my primary care doc. and he seemed not the least bit surprised that my exercise-induced asthma has apparently move into the run-of-the-mill, persistent variety, especially since my mom and many other family members struggle with chronic asthma issues.

So he's got me on a month of samples of Advair (that round disc-shaped device filled with some powderized inhalable steroid medication). After 4 weeks I will go back in and if everything is working well he'll write me a full prescription. If it's not working as well as hoped we'll try another inhaled steroid medication. But I have pretty high hope. It seems that Advair is one of the most effective meds of its kind from things I read and what other runners tell me, so I've got my fingers crossed. Sure would be great to have noticeably better breathing in the next couple of weeks.

Whatever med I end up on won't likely be cheap. At the moment there are no generic steroid meds. But the CFC-free Albuterol I have been using daily is also $$ and the Singulair that doesn't seem to do much is also not generic. So if I can get off of the Singulair and greatly reduce the albuterol, then we shouldn't be shelling out too much additional cash each month. And breathing comfortably and being able to run well is a pretty priceless thing, IMO.


  1. I hope things get better for you soon! At least you're getting it under control before intense marathon training begins. Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks--I've got my fingers crossed that this does the trick. And the timing isn't terrible...my race over the weekend was rough, but being strong for marathon training is more important than a single race, so it's good that things came to a head now, I think. :)

  3. I hope the Advair works out for you, k. If it does and you stick with it, let me know how much it costs you as my mom gets them in the winter time when they go to Mexico for my grandma and it is significantly cheaper than here. She can "hook you up" perhaps. LOL

  4. Hey, I might just take you up on that offer! I'm pretty paranoid about the price. Dane's ADHD meds are $50 as is...I think my inhaler is about $35. Thank goodness my Allegra and Flonase are generic...phew! :)