Slowly, but surely

My knee is improving. I'm still not feeling that my knee is 100% better, but it's definitely benefitting from my reduced mileage and consistent quad strengthening work in the past week or so. On Sat. I have my first 5k in almost 2 years, so I hope it will be in good shape for that. Just to be safe I will probably keep the knee strap on to give it a little extra support. I'm hoping I am significantly faster then than I was today, though. I did a bit of a tempo run and it damned near killed me. I think I was actually faster a year ago on less mileage/training...that really stinks.

In addition to the knee issue I am noticing a slight increase in the tendonitis issues on the outside of my right foot (same leg as the knee garbage). It was a year ago that I was dealing with a pretty chronic case of this (as well as the same issues in the same knee). What solved it was moving from a moderate stability shoe to a mild stability, lightweight, flexible trainer. Since that worked in the past, I have ordered what is more-or-less the neutral version (NB 826) of my current shoe (NB 902/903). I've done some runs here and there in neutral shoes without any issue, so hopefully this will help. At the very least it will give me something a little bit different to rotate in--that should help keep my legs from always enduring identical stresses and help prevent some nagging injuries.

And looking at my legs I'm not sure I really need stability, anyhow. From the back I don't have ankles that tilt in perceptibly, so if I do overpronate at all it's minimal and may not require any sort of medial post for control--especially as my legs continue to get stronger.

Tomorrow I have plans to put a few running-related items up on eBay. I have a running skirt and short tights that I bought last Fall in hopes that by Spring I would have dropped a few pounds and fit in them. *rolls eyes* I also have 2 pair of shoes that just didn't work for me (NB 786s were too stable/stiff and 755s didn't fit the back half of my foot very well, so I knew longer runs would likely mean blisters). I know I'm going to take a loss on the shoes, for the most part, but not wearing them and having them sit around nearly new is an even bigger loss.

I may also hit the garden center and grab a few more bleeding hearts and some ferns. I think that is what we will put in the uber-shady area near our front door that is death to anything that can't tolerate deep shade. Even hydrangeas and rhododendrons weren't happy there.

I'm still very happy with the Advair for my asthma. I've been on it now for just over 2 weeks and it's excellent. I still gasp a lot when I run hard (like today), but that's to be expected--I still have small lungs, so even with full function they are not particularly efficient. But at least I'm no longer waking with coughing fits and needing my inhaler...and this is even with peak pollen in the air. Good stuff.


  1. Hey Zoom - I'm a mostly lurker from RunningAhead. Love your blog.

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

  2. Hey, thanks! I notice we're both 35 year old Midwestern girls--small world!


    BTW, don't be a stranger at RA.


  3. Howdy! I love RA. I just usually lurk. Most of you guys run circles around me, but one of the best things about runners is that they encourage people with all abilities.