So far, so good...

Got my long run for the week in (funny how easy a "long" run of 11 miles feels after completing a 16 mile "long" run just a few weeks ago). Thankfully my right knee held up just fine. It's a little cranky, but feels no worse after my run than it did before. I just need to keep up with the daily quad strengthening exercises to help pull my patella into the proper track through my entire gait cycle.

Actually, I was a little nervous for the first couple of miles...my calves were really tight and my left arch felt a bit sore, too. I haven't had either of those issues in ages. I chalk it up to babying my knee and running a bit unnaturally. Probably took me a couple of miles to warm-up and convince my legs that all was well. I did keep the pace down a little slower than usual, though--to not overtax my knee or my lungs.

I had a sort of unintentional "compliment" of sorts this afternoon. I had just finished 10 of my 11 miles and was plodding my sweaty butt home. On the bike path I met up with about half a dozen emo/goth kids all dressed in black and on scooters and inline skates. One of the kids asked me "hey, how are ya'?"

I told him "tired...10 miles will do that to a person."

His face got like this ---> 8^O and he said "TEN MILES?!"

I replied "yep, and I did 15.5 last weekend."

Kid was speechless...then he yelled to his buddies, "hey, this lady just ran TEN MILES!!!" The guys were pretty impressed. The lone female looked bored.


  1. Great job, k! Very smart on the knee and strengthening stuff.... I wouldn't expect anything less from a smart lady like you to be on top of something like this.

    I hope the new meds work out well for your asthma too. Funny, I just noticed yesterday while on the road how many trees were still in bloom. Of course they're pretty, but a pain to allergy sufferers like yourself.

    Have a good week!

  2. LOL- love the reaction of the kids.

  3. Heh, sometimes I think I should be a PE teacher. I think teenagers are a hoot! Pre-kid I had intentions to go back to school and finish up my teaching cert. (my 2nd BA was in English Lit w/Secondary Ed. emphasis) to eventually teach English and/or Journalism...but sometimes I think I should go back and get certified for PE. ;)

  4. That's some MAJOR props coming from kids THAT age. They probably think you're whacked.

  5. It's probably a little like when we tell Jlynnbob that he's nuts... ;)