1 down...17 to go!

Last night I finished my first week of marathon training with a nice 7 miler to round out a 33 mile week.  Knee is feeling pretty OK, but I need to keep making myself do my quad work at least 2x/week, since I know that the patella issues could flare-up completely at random in the future.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my bike will be ready to go, too (DH need to get a new rear wheel for it and do some other tweaking and prep stuff to make it rideable...I also want to look at a new seat or at least adjust my existing seat to prevent the almost instant numbness and pain "down there").  I'd much rather do quad-strengthening in the form of bike rides than lunges in the living room.

For yesterday's run I wore my new neutral NB 826 shoes for the second time, too.  They really fit well and I had no substantial biomechanical issues while running.  I feel maybe the slightest bit of tenderness in my shins, but I've had a bit of this off-and-on in the past week or so for some strange reason, even in my regular light stability shoes, so I'm not sure if it's related to the lack of medial post.  I think I'm just having an off week.  

Last night I also had another funny encounter with cocky teenagers while on my run.  A couple of middle school aged boys were out on their BMX bikes on the rail trail and asked me "are you jogging?"  My reply, "well, I'd call it running...I am going 7 miles."  Loved the bug-eyed expression on their faces and my ability to render adolescents utterly speechless.  Heck, up until 2 years ago the thought of running more than 2-3 miles seemed entirely perplexing and abnormal to me...something only wacko hyper-athletic types did.  Now anything less than 10 is an easy, "short" run.

It's still super humid here.  We had major storms through the area last night dumping several inches of rain.  Luckily we're on a pretty high spot of land, but there were areas in the region that experienced flooding and incredible lightning.  This coming week should be nicer--both in terms of lower temps and humidity.  Yay for my lungs!  Hopefully we can find a day to hit the nearby water/amusement park with my mom and nephew, too.


  1. I love throwing people for a loop when I tell them how far I've just run. One time I had the opportunity to tell a bunch of hunters I had just run 9 miles. I'll never forget all of them screeching, "NINE MILES?" Then there was the guy I walked past who said something to which I was able to reply I had just finished a 10-mile run. I think his jaw dropped open as he exclaimed, "I can't even walk that far!"

    Yeah, in both instances I felt really good about myself.

  2. Yup...I may not be fast, but there are people faster than I who never run as far as I do even on my shorter runs. :D

  3. great job completing week one! And WTG telling those boys what a stud you are. :)

    Keep up the great work!

  4. YAY!!!! I'm SO SO proud of you for starting your training!!! I know you are going to rock this marathon. You are so dedicated and determined. You probably could have done this over a year ago, but kudos for being so consistent with your base mileage and steadily building speed and endurance. It's going to be even better for you when you finish b/c you've worked so hard for so long. I'm really tempted to show up in Wisconsin to cheer you on (and of course drink beer with you) for the race!! I can't wait to follow your progress and miles. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  5. Ooh, if you come to WI for my race I will BUY you ALL the beer you can drink! :D

  6. Stopping in to see how the training is going. Hope you are having a good week Kirsten!

  7. Game on! Rock on!

    I'll be following along with you and cheering you on, Zoomy!