Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I haven't run for the past 3 days--in hopes of getting my right knee to behave a bit better.  Yesterday it felt iffy off-and-on, but today feels pretty good.  Just to be safe I ordered a Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap, since I have read a lot of recommendations.  It won't "cure" my kneecap tracking issues, but it should help it to track better while I strengthen my quads (which should get the kneecap tracking smoothly, again).  I have a strap that goes below my knee that helps a great deal, but this strap system that applies support to the tendons above and below the knee is supposed to be of added benefit, especially to women who may deal with "Q-angle" issues.

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable 11+ mile bike ride on my POS old mountain bike.  So nice to go faster than 5.5-6mph for a change!  I'll be in the market for a new saddle pretty soon, though.  The girly bits go numb almost as soon as I get on the bike.  I have a feeling that once DS is old enough for a junior mountain bike that my running days will be numbered--or I will be limiting my races to HMs and 25ks, since I'll be spending more time in the saddle and less on my feet.  It would be really nice to do some biking with the boys as a family in the future.  I give it 2-3 years before we're doing that.

I just opened a Twitter account, today.  I'm not entirely sure that I "get" it...but I'm pretty gifted with the random, stream-of-consciousness commentary, which seems to be the object of the service.  We'll see if it's worth the time and effort.


  1. Biking as a family will be so much fun! Part of the reason I've gotten into running again this summer is because my 14 YO DD runs with me. It's a great time to bond, talk, laugh, and all that.

    My son is 11 and this summer he's doing the C25K with my oldest DD during the day while I'm at work. Our goal is to be able to do 5Ks together this fall. My kids will totally kick my ass on time, but that's ok.

    I have a DD who turns 5 next month, and she SOOOO wants to get into running, but she's still a bit too small. :) She's just now getting fast enough on her bike so that I can ride slowly along with her, so that might have to do for a few years.

    I love outdoor physical activities with my kids. I really wish my parents would have done that with my brothers and me growing up. It might have made working out seem fun instead of a chore.

  2. Oh, I WISH I could get DS to run with me. He LOVES biking, but hates running--such a shame, since he's a natural...long legs and arms, endless energy, FAST! He wants to be the next Lance Armstrong, though.