*collapses in a heap*

Woke at 5:30 this morning to take my mom and nephew to the Badger ferry for their trip back to Cheeseland.  We had a really nice 5+ days with them.  Our trip on Thurs. to Michigan's Adventure amusement park was definitely the highlight of the holiday.  We had a blast!  Dane and Damon "enjoyed" their first rides on roller coasters (smaller, less aggressive coasters).  

Well, Damon was completely enamored...Dane was pretty unnerved.  Kind of funny, since Damon is small and often on the timid side and Dane can be pretty fearless, at times, but roles were reversed for the day.  Poor Damon was too short to go on many of the rides, though.  Now his mom has a great way to bribe him to eat well.  He needs to put on 3" to qualify for most of the rides (Dane is about 4" taller, even though he's only 7 months older), so perhaps he'll be there by next Summer.  Both boys were big fans of the water slides that use 1 or 2 person tubes, too.

We're pretty certain we'll be buying season passes for next year, since Dane really enjoyed himself and we're only about 15 minutes from the park.  By then he might be a bit more confident about riding some of the bigger coasters with mom, too.  Derek doesn't like coasters that have big drops and I LOVE the huge wooden one there that does this.

In addition to the amusement/water park trip we also took the boys to an unglazed pottery place to make Father's Day gifts.  And yesterday we finished the week with a showing of Kung Fu Panda (2 thumbs up!) and dinner at Logan's.  Mmm...peanuts!

When we weren't doing fun activities away from home Dane and Damon were pretty much in Transformers mode...watching the movie or playacting with their action figures.

Dane is a little blue today.  He and Damon really had a fun week with minimal bickering.  Too bad that big lake separates us.

I've still managed to get my runs in for the week.  I just have one 8 miler to do today to round out my 35 miles.  My knee is still bugging me off-and-on, but I've done no quad-strengthening work in a week (tough to do when the boys were underfoot in the living room and we were running around so much), so I need to get back to doing that consistently.  Derek is also going to get my old mtn. bike back in working order so that I can use that for cross-training.

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  1. What a fun little mini-vacation in your own backyard! It's great to have friends/family in from out of town and play tourist in your own town. Your post makes me very nostalgic for Six Flags and Raging Rivers water park. I may have to talk Ryan into a theme park weekend one of these days!