Favor for a friend...

This one's for you, Purdey:

I am going to be running the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 24hr ultra marathon in Oct 2009 in aid of the Down's Syndrome Association. 

My aims are to:

1. Raise £10,000 for the Down's Syndrome Association
2. Run over 100 miles in 24hrs.

My nephew, George, (gorgeous George as I call him) has Down's and I wanted to do something special to help families with Down's.

I would be really, really grateful if you might consider sponsoring me/donating. Even small amounts will add up.


It is very, very easy:


If you feel that it is appropriate, I would be in your eternal debt if you would forward the link to your friends, family and acquaintances - I need as wide an audience as possible!

Thank you so much for your time!


I only wish our US dollar went futher.  Good luck with your fundraising, Tom! :)


  1. Well done, Kirsten.

    Hey, how'd your long run go yesterday? Weather's been great these last few days, though I still see a lot of cottonwood flying around.

  2. My run was pretty good for the first half...and then my damned knee started complaining. I did my 14, though. And today my knee feels much better. What gives? It's so off-and-on. I think I will be taking much of next week off, since it's a cut-back week, anyhow.

  3. Hmm... frustrating. Hopefully it is something that is going to just work itself out. ;-)

    You're doing great on your mileage building.