Gear Whore's Dream!

Ha, I had a package from UPS at the door that I figured was the Father's Day gift I ordered for did that has taken forever to get here. Nope...return addy is NB R&D--woot, I gots me another wear test, baby! :D

And the coolest part is it's a shoe I was planning to try in the future, anyhow...now I get to try it for free, so if I don't like it it's no loss. I send it back to NB the end of next month, anyhow.

The shoe is the new neutral "midfoot strike" model that they've been working on (800MF). Butt ugly, but kind of an intriguing idea. For some strange reason they sent me the 8B. Normally I wear an 8D. Were I to buy this shoe I'd go with a 7.5D. The fit is kind of similar to the NB 903 lightweight stability trainer...long and roomy.

I haven't run in the shoe, yet (plan to throw them on for a 5 miler on Thurs.), but the initial feel on my foot is very soft--though I'm not sure it's going to be flexible enough for me to love. Time will tell.

Today I did an easy 5 miler with DS (while he rode along on his bike).  Right knee felt fabulous, even without my patella strap for support...shins were a teeny bit sore for the first couple of miles, but I'm still adapting a bit to wearing shoes with no medial post for stability on some shorter runs.  I may or may not be able to go fully neutral, but for short runs I do fine.

An hour or two after my run my right knee started complaining a bit...$%#$%^&.  Seriously.  I can go 2-3 days without so much as a twinge, then out of nowhere it will bother me, again.  No clicking or popping or pain for days, now it's a little tender and clicking a little when I bend and then straighten.  Gah.  Tomorrow is my long run for the week, so hopefully it won't be a problem.  

I'll be happy to get through this week, then next week is a scale-back week before my 15k race on Sat. 6/28.  I may suck it up and take off 2-3 days in a row and concentrate strictly on quad work--perhaps even subbing some long bike rides for my runs.  Damn, I need a new saddle that doesn't make my butt bones pissed at me, too.  And I gotta figure out what happened to my cleated shoes so that I can use my clipless pedals.  I swear I had tracked them down a month ago--DH even claims he saw them.  Now they are nowhere to be found in the house.  We think maybe they found their way into the garage...?

The most annoying thing about this all is that I went almost a full year without more than an occasional bad run here and there...just normal stuff, not "injuries," per se.  Then with just weeks before I start marathon training I get this chronic knee crap.  Hopefully I can get it to heal.  I am almost certain that my main issue is the weak quads, since almost as soon as I started hitting those the knee felt better.  Then last week I was lax with the quad work (since I had houseguests) and things started to flare-up again.  I guess it's better that I figure these things out early in training, instead of in the middle.

Lungs seem OK.  I think the Advair 250/50 is working well.  I still deal with some shortness-of-breath stuff, but not like before...I think now it's mostly just having small, inefficient lungs.  The lower humidity certainly helps.  Today it was in the low-60s and tomorrow is predicted to be mid-5os...great day for a long run (just hoping my knee agrees)!



  1. Good luck on the long run tomorrow, k. I've been skimming the blog... haven't had a lot of time to play on RA or blogs in the last month or so. I am thinking about you though and your training. It's very exciting and I pray the chronic knee crap tones it down, the shins behave, and the lungs stay good for you. Even if I'm not commentin', I'm here with ya in spirit, k. Keep up the good work. ;-)

    I don't want to hex myself, but I'm happy to report that today, I felt the best I have in a long time as far as my leg is concerned. Woot! That's comin' off a full three solid days of being able to wear my brace so, it's obviously doing some good.

  2. Hey, buddy...you've been missed! Glad to hear your leg is healing. I hope this is a sign that you are well on the road to recovery. Any idea how long until you get the OK to gently get back on the roads?

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I hope I can get this knee thing to just go away very soon--like before my 15k, at least. I think I'd be less irritated if it were so serious that it completely sidelined me. Right now I'm good to run 3/4 of the time and it's really just slowing me down, not stopping me. But I'm getting tired of it hanging over my head. I threw in 20 minutes of quad work tonite (not in the "plan") just to do a little more to keep it at bay.

  3. Whew! Look at those kicks!!! The way the sole is constructed reminds me of those shoes that are supposed to stimulate balance & muscle activity.... MTB something or other?

    BTW, thank you for the support in regards to my recent blog post. I swear that I'm not a cry-baby all of the time... only when it comes to the heat! LOL! Today is a new day and ya know, I have no choice other than to just get out there and HTFU so that I can get back inside. November will be here soon enough and then I'll be in love with Florida again. We have such a cyclical love/hate relationship!! LOL!!

    Have a terrific one!

  4. Reposting to add... have you ever tried a Terry saddle? I can't speak from experience here b/c I don't own one (yet), but they seem to be well-loved by many cycling women. Terry also offers a 30-day "try it & love it or your money back" sort of guarantee, so you can't go wrong. :o)

    I really hope that your knee feels better soon! Injuries blow!!!

  5. I haven't tried a Terry, but that's on my short list of saddles to try--that an a couple Specialized saddles. Those come in sit bone widths, which may help, too. I definitely need something better than the old overly spongy thing I have now.