Lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer

Ok, well the lazy part is true enough...and maybe the crazy bit, too. Today is day 1 of 3-days-of-no-running. So far, so good. Sunday is usually a rest/X-train day, anyhow, so I typically don't run on Sundays (in large part because Sunday is generally DH's JDRF group training ride day for most of the Summer months).

I've done little more today than laundry and sorting through my tiny closet a bit. I have a few running tops and things that I think I will toss on eBay--stuff I've worn once or twice and found not to fit well. If something doesn't fit and/or chafes anywhere it tends to find its way to the bottom of the closet shelves, never to see the light of day again. If I'm not going to wear the stuff I might as well try to get a few bucks for it and have it benefit someone else's fitness pursuits.

Tomorrow I will do my ab workout and some quad work. I'm really going to do my best to not be on my feet too much in the next couple of days--anything to rest the legs and get my dumb knee to finally heal. Tues. I'll probably try to get a nice ride on my bike in while DS is at day camp. Probably won't be a long ride...partly because overdoing it won't help the knee, but also because my bike seat seems to have a 1-hour limit before my girly-bits check out (actually, that happens a lot sooner than the 1 hour mark) and my ass starts screaming. I definitely need a new seat.

I need a new pair of shorts, too. I have a nice pair of Cannondale shorts with a 4-5" inseam that fit nicely, but have no leg-grippers, so they tend do the the same deal that EVERY pair of compression shorts does on me...ride right up and leave my inner thigh open for chafing (hmmm...perhaps I should throw those babies up on eBay, too). I've heard good things about the Pearl Izumi Sugar shorts and I really like my PI Splice compression shorts without chamois for running (also have leg-grippers, so they stay put)...plus the price is sweet on those Sugar shorts. $45 for chamois shorts can't be beat.

Weds. I hope to get in a 6-7 mile run...we'll see how the knee tolerates things. That distance should be fine. Then I'll rest/X-train on Thurs., easy run with Vikki on Friday (she's doing the 5k on Sat.), pick up my race packet, then Chronicle Seaway Run 15k Sat. AM.

Yesterday was fun. We hit DH's company picnic for a couple of hours...ate too damned much, then we came home and I got a 6 miler in. Ran in mostly sunny conditions with the most bizarre little downpour for about a quarter mile. It didn't even rain at home--talk about an isolated "storm."


  1. How was the knee on your 6 miler? Your workouts are definitely well thought out, k. I hope the knee falls in line and cooperates with the rest of your training.

    We're definitely heading to Ludington August 10th arrival and leaving Friday, the 15th. We'll be camping at Cartier Campground off Lakeshore right by the Lincoln River. Our friends, the Johnstons - the couple we went to Florida with, are coming with us.

    I wish I could make it to the Seaway race. Lots of RA peeps gonna be there I see. We'll be leaving for Gatlinburg, TN that day though. You can have a post race Oberon for me... I'll be there in spirit for y'all!

  2. I have a funny feeling that we are going to enable each other in the 'gadget and gizmo' department. Our wallets will be screaming at us! LOL!

    You'll have to let me know how you like the iPod shuffle. I'm running with a 3rd gen. nano right now. It's nice, but I would love to get it 'off' my arm. Something tiny that could fit in the runningskirt pocket would be a dream.

    Rest that knee of yours. It will be MORE than worth it. I still can't get over how great I feel after my recovery week last week. I'm simply more motivated. :o)

    SIde note: my word verification thingie for this reply is ZOMYBE... think they were trying to right ZOOMY??? LOL!

  3. Rick, I should come up and run with you and Tammy when you guys are in Ludington. That's only a 45 minute drive away from me.


    Sherry, that verification word is hilarious...if it's not Zoomy, maybe Zombie? That's how I've felt the last couple of days, heh!


  4. Don't know if I'll be running yet, but I could peddly along. We could even meet somewhere in the middle. Dianna (Johnston) is a runner as well. She's the one that ran the 25K in GR. We'll definitely have to get together, even for dinner or something, that week.