No worse for wear

I did my first run this week last night--7 miles.  Felt pretty good.  My knee feels about the same as before...not bad, not great.  Just mostly stiff and a little bit tender, but not stabbing pains or anything...more like little twinges.  Not sure the 3 days off really did me any good, but they certainly didn't hurt.  If my knee got no worse I could probably run the actual marathon just fine--of course I say this having never actually run more than 16 miles in a single run.  Heh.

I'm still going to keep at the quad strengthening work as much as possible...on all non-running days and on some easier run days, too.  After the Chronicle Seaway 15k this Sat. I will also start trying the (gulp) P90X leg workout...oh, I think I'm gonna have some serious DOMS from that stuff.

Taking today off, except for abs and leg work, then an easy run tomorrow before I go pick up my race packet.  Hopefully the weather holds out for race day.  There is a 50% chance of random T-storms.  I really hope we don't run into that.  I've been looking forward to this race for a long time and meeting some Running Ahead friends.  I guess if the race is cancelled for electrical storms that we can go out for breakfast, but that would be a shame to not all actually get to RACE together....


  1. So glad the knee is feeling a wee bit better. I command it to behave for you this weekend! :o)

    So with that... HAVE A WONDERFUL RACE!!! Can't wait to read your post-race report!

    Rock that clock!!!

  2. Thanks!

    *looks down at knee* You hear that, knee? Behave!


  3. Heh! Sherry's so cute... rock that clock! I love it!

    I hope the knee does not get any worse, Zoomy.

    Have a GREAT time at the race this weekend and meeting the RA folks! Oh, and don't forget to give Q an "I coulda had a V-8" pop in the forehead for his rippin' on your libation of choice. Wish I could make it there too. Say hello to everyone for me and best wishes to everyone on the race! Especially you! Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Rick--you have yourself a fantastic weekend, too! :D