Pop Quiz!

Question: Is the air we breathe a gas or a solid?

Answer: Solid.

If you answered "gas" you'd be wrong.  Ok, so that was a bit of a trick question.  In some places the air is a gas, but not in MI...at least not at the moment.

This is some rough weather for asthmatics.  Breathing can be tough enough, even with well-controlled asthma, but this insane humidity has me struggling.  I have a 7 miler on the schedule for today...this could be rough.  I just have to accept that the next few months will likely have me running significantly slower than normal, due to heat and sultry air.  I should probably start taking my inhaler with me on ALL runs, too--not just the longer/harder ones.

Yesterday I had a pretty exciting run.  Just as I was preparing to stretch and get out the door a storm blew in fast.  I whipped through my stretching and got out the door just as it started to rain...and lightning was a little too close for comfort.  But, typical of MI weather, 5 minutes later it had passed and I managed 5 miles without any risk of electrocution.  An hour after I returned another storm came through.  

Looks like this will be pretty much the state of our weather for about the next week, which is kinda crummy, as my mom and nephew will be here.  We had hoped to do a day at a nearby water/amusement park, but that plan may be ditched in favor of a trip to a museum and/or other indoor activities.

I did get to wear a new article of running apparel yesterday, though.  I have been searching for compression shorts that don't creep-up, since the point is to have something to cover my chubby inner-thigh area and prevent chafing.  I love my running skirts with "bum-hugger" briefs built-in and they are great for anything up to a HM, but after that the Body Glide always seems to wear off and the "chub rub" starts.  OW.  Not really ideal for training for or running a marathon, obviously.

I stumbled upon these Pearl Izumi Splice Sport Shorts just as I was about to give up searching.  Wore them for the first time yesterday and they are absolutely perfect...6" inseam, big zip pocket across the lumbar area (as well as an internal key pocket), and drawstring waist.  And the MOST important feature: leg grippers!  They are very similar to the PI cycling shorts that my hubby loves, only sans-chamois.  I have a pair of heavy thermal PI tights that I didn't really like for running (not enough stretch, pilled-up in the crotch area after very few miles), but these are far and away a better product.

I do still have about an inch of chubble that squishes out below the bottom of the leg, but it's minimal and Body Glide should be enough to keep that area from getting too raw.  Losing 10#s will work wonders, too.  I've decided that if I really like these shorts and lose enough weight to fit into the next size down that I will reward myself with a pair that has orange trim and a matching top, and that would likely be my marathon "uniform."

Back to cleaning house...our houseguests arrive tomorrow evening and we have a ton of work to do in preparation (I need to mop the downstairs and steam vac the upstairs...which is not all that practical when it's so humid...nothing is gonna dry), plus I still have that run to get in (gonna wear my new shorts, again).  Really looking forward to their visit...I rarely drink bloody marys, but when my mom's around that's our adult beverage of choice.  So I have to hit the store for hot V-8, vodka, and spicy olives, too.... :D


  1. oooh. i might need to pick up a pair of these. I run in knee length or below for the chub thigh reason. Haven't found a pair of compression shorts that actually stayed put and I absolutely hate yanking shorts down during a run.

  2. That's how I discovered running skirts with the briefs underneath. Shorts don't work--the fabric crams itself up between my inner thighs...and the running skirts with the compression shorts aren't much better. The briefs + Body Glide is good stuff up to about a half marathon distance. I'm hoping that these PI shorts will work for further distances, otherwise I might have to wear longer tights for the marathon.