Shufflin' Along...

In my latest episode of gear-whorin' I finally broke-down and ordered a new iPod Shuffle.  I already have a perfectly good 2nd gen. Nano that is not even 1.5 years new, but that sucker is sometimes literally a thorn in my side.  The belt-clip carrier thingie works fine with most of my snugger-waisted, sturdier pants and tights--the sorts of bottoms I wear for Winter, but in the Summer I mostly don the running skirts, which almost all have fairly loose, lightweight, low-rise waists that don't hold items like cell phones and Mp3 players well at all...these devices flop around until they invariably fall off.

A month or so ago I decided to give an arm-band carrier a try.  I've always thought they looked like something that would prove to be annoying, but given that so many people wear them, I figured maybe they knew something I didn't.  Turns out my original suspicions were pretty much spot-on.  They are miserable.

I purchased one that is neoprene and machine-washable.  Very important, as I sweat like a horse (this is no exaggeration--my best friend has a long history of raising and training horses and the first time she ran with me she was shocked and appalled by my volume of sweat.  I usually look like someone dumped a gallon bucket on my head after a typical one hour Summer run).

Oh, and did I mention that neoprene doesn't breathe?  Yick.  So my arm ends up all slimy under the arm band.  Aaaannndd it chafes.  Even Body Glide doesn't help this all that much.

So for the past few months I have been lusting over the Shuffle.  And since my beloved Sennheiser MX 75 sport headphones are starting to bite the dust (and they have a $10 rebate offer when one sends in an old pair of headphones) it seemed time to "pull the trigger" on the Shuffle, as well.

I ordered the (Product) Red™ version, since the price is the same and a portion of the sale goes to benefit an AIDS charity.  And I like red. :)

Bonus: Apple does free engraving, so my new iPod will have "zoom-zoom" inscribed. :D


  1. Cool! I love the red!

    I use an armband for my Nano, but only use an ipod when I'm inside on my TM. I'm too nervous to use it outside because I live in such a rural area and need to be able to hear cars coming over the other side of the hills.

    I can see where a shuffle would be the best for your situation. My arm band doesn't bug me until my runs get longer than about 40 minutes, but then it starts to chafe. And that's bad.

  2. I should probably be more nervous about using my iPod, but I keep the volume low and my headphones are designed to allow plenty of ambient noise in. I never have my sound turned on so high that I can't hear my own footsteps. And there aren't too many hills around here, fortunately (or unfortunately...makes doing hill workouts kinda tough).

    And chafing is an evil, evil thing. People who are not prone to chafing have no clue how lucky they are. Sometimes all the Body Glide in the world doesn't seem to help. I have a closet full of running tops that I have only worn a handful of times, too, only to find that they chafed (time to unload them on eBay, I think). I now have 3 of the same C9 top from Target that I found to not chafe much at all. I will probably buy a few more as they go on sale.


  3. Cool, Zoomy! You deserve it! Especially with all the miles you'll be putting in. ;-)

    That's so cool that they will engrave the lil begger for nuttin'! Nice touch.

  4. This was a good post for me to read. I have a nano, but also find that as I strip down in the summer - it seemed to big and have been wondering about the arm bands and the shuffle. I am looking forward to your review and thoughts on it after you use it.

    If you have a chance, do drop some of your tips on gear in the Runners Lounge (www.runnerslounge) Know How section - I think you can help answer many other questions for runners too!

    Take care!


  5. Ha, I know I've arrived as an official gear ho' when the Runners Lounge is recruiting me for gear tips!


    Thanks, Amy! I'll definitely post a follow-up, though every runner I know with a Shuffle really loves it. My best friend has one and can't fathom how I run with my "big" Nano. ;)