As much as I hate to do it, I already need to deviate a bit from my cobbled-together marathon training schedule. Next week I will be taking Sun. through Tues. off from running to rest my dumb kneecap and work more on strengthening my quads. So rather than lacing on the running shoes for 3 days I will be biking and doing a variety of exercises to make stronger the support muscles in charge of keeping my patella on track. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this does the trick, as my knee is getting no better with running + quad work. Getting no worse, either, but I really need to be rid of the discomfort, cracking, and stiffness that keeps coming and going unless I want to be completely sidelined from the race and risk damaging my knee permanently.

So instead of running ~28 miles I'll likely be doing closer to 18-20. Next week is a cut-back week, anyhow, so it probably won't make a huge difference in fitness, long-term. And I guess it's better to get these stupid issues out of the way now, rather than a month or less before the big day.

Did my first 5 miler in my new wear-test shoes. Pretty nice shoe, though it is definitely too long. Instead of an 8B I would need a 7.5D, for certain. I think I still prefer my NB 903s, though. The new shoe is less flexible and I like a shoe with a really gentle forefoot.

Checked the tracking for my new iPod Shuffle...I was so impressed that it shipped--with engraving--less than 24 hours after I ordered it. Then I noticed that it is in China. But it's still predicted to be here by next Tues., so that's still really fast.

Tomorrow is DH's company picnic (food, kids games and activities, food, ice cream, food, cotton candy, food...). That should be fun...so much for weight loss--ha! :p


  1. Aww, Zoomy! Crappers on the knee still acting up! You have a sound plan for next week though. It's so aggravating getting derailed by our own bodies in what we want to do. Hang in there and I hope it's better next week. Have a good time at the (food, games, food, cotton candy, food) picnic tomorrow and a great weekend!

  2. Plan altering pain has always be a sore subject with me.. :).

    Sorry to hear about the knee, hope that you will be back to regular programing after the alternate training.


  3. Ha...thanks, Robert--I take it you've dealt with similar injury issues, too?

    Rick, you didn't let a stress fracture stop you from completing your first marathon in the worst weather on Earth, so short of being in a full-body cast I will be crossing the start AND finish line of mine, too.