Week 2...Phew!

That was rough.  I got my 8 miles in, but it was slow and arduous.  Most of my runs this past week have been pretty miserable--stiff, sluggish, sore...rough lungs (the higher humidity lately hasn't helped that matter).  My shins, in particular, have been crabby--along with my still twitchy right knee.  Although yesterday I had a relatively nice 5 miler.  It was sort of a rarity in recent weeks.  I think most of my issues this past week are due to inadequate sleep while my mom and nephew visited (up too late, awake too early, lots of running around).  Sleep quantity/quality is definitely a major factor in my run quality.  

35 miles logged this week.  38 scheduled for next week, then a scale-back week right before the Chronicle Seaway Run 15k on the 28th.

Speaking of my Asthma, earlier this week I saw my PCP and since a month of Advair 100/50 has not made me essentially "symptom-free" he is upping my dose to the 250/50 (250mg of the steroid component--same steroid in Flonase nasal spray, which has really done a world of good for my allergies).  We'll try me for a month on this and then see where to go from there.  I think the 500/50 is the highest dose, but I can't imagine needing that.  At least I would hope not.  The steroid can have some side-effects and I already feel like I'm ingesting and inhaling a pharmacy every day between the nasal spray, allergy pills, bronchodilator inhaler, and inhaled steroid/bronchodilator.


  1. I hope the new dosage of Advair helps! And WTG on week 2!!

  2. Woo Hoo!! Two weeks down!! And already up to an 8 mile long run! You realize that you're probably going to be able to run this thing a month before the actual race date...isn't that great to know?! Don'tcha just LOVE being over-prepared!! I know that was a big factor for me. Keep up the great work!!