What doesn't kill us...

Phew, I survived yesterday's run.  12 of the longest miles ever.  Partly because I picked a seriously dull out-and-back (the one advantage is it's a rail-trail, so I can kind of zone out and not worry about getting over on the shoulder to avoid cars), but mostly because my right knee was pretty angry.  I'm starting to think it was as much due to recent kneecap tracking issues as it was to weather-related arthritis (I've had this since puberty, particularly in my right knee).  

Tues. night my right knee was really stiff and sore, after feeling pretty good for almost a week.  And my left knee wasn't entirely right, either.  Even with my patella strap my right knee was pretty miserable for the duration of my run, but by a few hours later wasn't feeling too bad.  Today it's feeling much better--and a HUGE storm front blew through.  So I'm really suspicious that the issue were as much weather-related as anything else.  At least I hope that's the case.  Kicking-off my first week of official marathon training STILL feeling a bit injured is less than optimal.  Hopefully this week will be the exception in terms of health and run quality for me...otherwise it's gonna be a LONG 18 weeks of work leading up to race day.  Right now I would be thrilled to pieces to simply make it to the start line in good shape.  I'm not too concerned with any time goal at this point.

Today was a rest day, which is just as well.  It pretty much rained all day and once the rain let up it left serious humidity in its wake.  Kind of like trying to breath jello.  At least with less pollen in the air it is clear jello, and not jello with fruit. ;)

Tomorrow I have a 5 miler planned (originally was to be a hill workout, but I won't be messing with any sort of speedwork or hills until the knee issue is fully healed), then 7 on Sat.  Tomorrow is also DS's last day of 1st grade--a half day at a beach near his school.  It's going to be a somewhat bittersweet occasion.  

We have come to adore Dane's teacher.  And the really cool part of his Montessori school is the kids get to have the same teacher 2 years in a row, if they wish (since the grades are combined, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8).  We were really thrilled that Dane would have Mrs. Stephanie for a second year--as was he.

But when her letter came home last week announcing that she would be leaving to spend time with her family we understood.  She has 2 small kids and a younger brother who is battling liver cancer.  It's a cancer that we are all too familiar with, as it was the same cancer responsible for DH's dad's untimely death, as well as the passing of a friend's young husband 2 weeks after they were wed.  It is a truly vicious cancer that essentially has no cure.  So there was no way that we could ever begrudge Stephanie from taking the most of what time she has to be with her teenage brother.  

We are very fortunate to live near her, though.  While Dane's school is a half hour away, his teacher coincidentally lives about 5 minutes from us.  So she and I are already planning to get the kids together some this Summer.  Her son is preschool age, so he's several years younger than Dane, but he adores Dane and they have had a blast playing together when Dane has done afterschool program and his teacher's son has been in the building as his mom finishes up in the classroom at the end of the school day.


  1. hope that knee quits being a pain for you... i can't wait to live vicariously through your marathon training (while I do the HHST novice plan...)

    That's too bad about Ms. Stephanie's brother. Cancer sucks. And I mean that in a serious and not at all in a flippant way. I'm glad you can get together with her this summer - your son will love that!

  2. Ooh, Higdon is great. My training plan is sort of cobbled together from several plans, including HH's intermediate 2 marathon plan.

    Stephanie announced her brother's cancer via e-mail to the parents of her entire class a little over a month ago. She also sent us the link to his care page. He was diagnosed a year ago and has already been through so much. My heart hurts for them. I can tell they are a really close family and her brother is the baby.

    I really do look forward to getting to know her better outside of the school relationship, too. We've lived in this community for 8 years and most of the locals I've met are not eager to befriend "outsiders." It's that weird, small-town, insular thing that seems fairly common (I have 3 friends in the area and all of us are transplants).