1/3 done -- phew!

6 weeks of my 18 week marathon training plan are officially on the books (42 miles this week--highest mileage week since I started running).  I'm surviving...and would actually describe the process as mostly "pleasant," were it not for my right knee continuing to act up.  It doesn't seem to be worsening and sometimes I think it's actually improving (likely due to the quad work I've been doing pretty consistently to help support the kneecap properly), but it still tends to be fairly annoying on my longest runs.

2 days ago I did my longest run since training for the Riverbank Run 25k back in May.  It actually felt quite good, even with the warmer, more humid weather.  Around 6 miles in my right knee started to complain a little and it continued to talk to me for the remainder of the run, but didn't really start grumbling loudly until the last 3 miles--especially after I stopped at the library to potty and refill my water bottle.

Yesterday my knee felt pretty good and I ran 5 easy miles.  Last night and this AM the knee was crabby, again, but during today's nearly 7 miles it felt strong and only a little stiff, not really very sore.  Tomorrow is a rest day, and this next week is a scale-back in miles for me.  I plan to do 30-33, depending upon how the knee feels.  Instead of 5 days of running I will do just 4, since it seems that more full days of rest really seem to help every few weeks.

So far this Summer's weather has been pretty conducive to marathon training.  It hasn't been too ungodly hot, which makes a lot of difference.  I've also been hydrating better, which makes a huge difference in my comfort level.  Last week I only took a single 20oz. bottle of Gatorade on my 15 miler, which wasn't nearly enough fluids.  By 12 miles in I had to stop to keep from puking and I felt weak and dizzy.  

Weather conditions for this week's 16 miler were nearly identical, but I felt strong and comfortable for the duration of the run.  In contrast to the 20oz. bottle of Gatorade I also attached the two smaller 10.5oz. bottles on my Amphipod belt and filled those with water.  I figure I probably drank ~50oz. during that run (3 hours).  I never felt like I had to "ration" my fluids and I drank when I was thirsty, instead of waiting until I started to have intense cravings for fluids.

So I may look like a pack horse on my runs, but I feel strong and happy, instead of weak and miserable.  Fashion for fashion's sake is dumb.

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  1. Heh, "fashion for fashions sake is dumb." I like it! So Zoomylicious.

    You're doing awesome, k! Keep up the good, and smart, training.