Damn Enablers!

Several of my friends around the web have created Facebook profiles...I fought the peer pressure for so long (I have MySpace, Twitter, and this blog...do I really NEED another bit of online presence?).  But my HS buddy Liz invited me, then a bunch of the RA gals started discussing their profiles, so I succumbed.  

Here I am.  I need friends, so add me to your list if you also have a profile (or create one and join me in yet another online profile addiction).

This week I officially picked-up on week 8 of Hal Higdon's Intermediate I marathon training program.  It bums me out to do this, but I think this is the only way I will have any shot of making it to the starting line in Oct.  My best friend did her first 18 miler this week...while I will be doing another 15 miler this Tues. (and she gets faster on her runs, while my pace is getting slower and slower--I can't do any speedwork at this point).  And I am already dreading it.  I had 2 nice 4 milers this week...felt good.  But last night's 7 started to hurt for the last 1.5 miles or so.  Like clockwork the knee starts to fight me around the 5.5-7 mile mark--every time for the last few months.  

Makes no sense.  I can go for days with no pain, take most of a week off, then as soon as I do a longer run the knee complains.  It sucks.  Tomorrow I have an appt with the PA at my doc's office.  I'm guessing I will be referred to a specialist and/or have an MRI scheduled.  I am really hoping that it might be one of those things like arthritis that will respond to cortisone steroid injections every few weeks to get me through the training and race.

I've come to the decision that if I am advised to stop training and not run the race that I won't--I would still go to support my best friend, though, just as she would if she were the injured party (she has done this for me already).  In the next month or so bike shops will be putting '08 models on clearance, so this may end up being the time where I switch from running to cycling--I really wanted to wait until DS was large enough for a junior road bike to do that, though, so the 3 of us could do rides together.  I would still run, since biking in the Winter isn't particularly safe or pleasant, but this would maybe spell the end of training for anything much longer than a 25k.  

I'd be OK with that.  I like race distances of 15-25k (9.2-15.5 miles) and the training for these sorts of events doesn't require nearly the time commitment that the marathon does.  Too bad I'm not a swimmer.  I could even see doing some triathlons.  Perhaps even as much as a half-Ironman.  I know I'm more of a cyclist than a runner.  Short, stocky legs and big boobs lend themselves more to the bike than they do a pair of running shoes.


  1. Yeah- Liz got me on Facebook, too. I only get online for these things when I am procrastinating!
    Sorry to hear that the knee has been such a limiting factor for you. Glad you are going to the PA-I hope they find something simple to fix it- be careful with cortisone injections, though. Too much of that leads to tendon ruptures- a much more disabling condition.
    Will be crossing my fingers for you tomorrow!

  2. Yipes, tendon ruptures?! Suddenly ducking out of the race and getting a bike sounds more attractive!

  3. I am also on facebook. Also thought I NEEDED more online presence!


  4. DId I hear... triathlon??? :o)

    I think it's great that you are keeping your options open. There's nothing wrong with focusing on mid-distances for your runs. Actually, that's what I do! :o) Since you love cycling, I think you would enjoy doing a tri. I swam competitively for a gazillion years, but come to find out... cycling is what I appear to do best. My running, unfortunately, is a mess! LOL!

    Glad you are trying to stay positive about things...

    PS- I added you as a Facebook friend; although I don't seem to get there often enough.