Day 3/5

Here I sit...on forced rest.  5 days.  A few weeks ago I made myself take 3 full days off from running, but it wasn't enough, apparently.  This both sucks and blows.  Overtraining can cause sleep disturbances, but so can being on the bench.  Not running and stressing about injury is not conducive to restful sleep.

After my Tues. 12 miler not only my right knee hurt, but also my left big toe and peroneal tendon, so it seems to have gotten to the point where I have likely been compensating in some way that is transferring stresses to my left foot.  Not good.  Toe and foot feel better now (toe is still a little cranky, but improving), but I definitely don't need to add tendonitis in my feet to the mix.  BTDT and I could easily expect 3 months of problems with PT.

I also wonder if the foot/toe issues could be related to the shoes I have been wear-testing.  I know from past experience that shoes that are too long and/or too stiff can lead to sore midfoot issues and cause my toes to work harder.  I wore my wear-test shoes on my Mon. evening 5 mile run.  So even though I feel bad about it, I won't be wearing those shoes again.  It's not my fault that NB has been messing with the sizing on their shoes and making them run long.

After my Tues. run I was pretty convinced that my knee issue was patellar tendonitis, as I had a very sore-to-the-touch area immediately below my kneecap.  Though that resolved pretty rapidly and I think it was due to irritation from the particular knee strap device I was wearing (first time I had worn that one for a long run--I usually wear a different one).  By the following morning my pain was back to a more general soreness/stiffness surrounding the entire front of my knee, with no specific pin-point location of pain, with nearly all of the classic symptoms of patellofemoral pain syndrome.  

This is somewhat relieving, as rest and continuing to build my quad muscles and stretch (concentrating on the backs of my thighs and calves) several times/day should help the knee issues.  Tendonitis can be a death sentence to running at all for months.

Today I had considered getting out on my bike for a little bit (partly to test out my new saddle and squishy Pearl Izumi "Sugar" shorts), but I'm going to take this forced rest thing seriously, especially after a couple of nights of not sleeping particularly well.  Plus the humidity is ghastly and my breathing has been pretty rough.  Hubby is taking a half day, so we're going to go catch a matinee of "The Dark Knight," and maybe grab dinner at Logan's.  We have several coupons for appetizers that we need to use up or give away before the end of the month.


  1. I hope the rest does the trick. Sounds like you're taking the pain seriously and doing what you need to in order to get back on track with that schedule of yours.

    Enjoy your afternoon with your DH. You'll have to post a review (with no spoilers, of course) of the Dark Knight for us!

  2. Your situation sounds ominously familiar, k. I pray your able to get over this knee issue and continue with your training, but if it persists, you'll want to seriously considering bagging your first attempt till another day when you are more physically well to do so. I am so sorry about your present situation. I really do know how you are feeling right now. Hang in there girl!

  3. Rick, I have had that very same thought...ugh.

    Right now I am planning to follow a sort of "survival" training plan. Instead of a long run every week I will do one every-other week and on the week with reduced mileage I will substitute an hour or longer bike ride--assuming it doesn't bother my knee. That will give me a good aerobic workout and help strengthen my crappy quads, too.

    If at some point the knee feels fine I can always go back to the original plan, more or less.

  4. eek! sorry to hear about your knee troubles...I hope the rest does the trick! That said, I did a 10mile bike ride last week and my feet were SORE for days! who knew that such a pleasant ride would awaken so many unused muscles! :p