Good News, Bad News

Had my appt. with the PA this AM...

Good news: nothing wrong with my knee
Bad news: nothing wrong with my knee

I'm not really all that surprised, actually. The PA manipulated my knee, sort of twisted my leg both directions with knee bent, applied pressure, bent and straightened my knee, and really couldn't find anything structurally amiss or any signs of knee weakness or instability. He's in agreement that what I'm dealing with is almost certainly an overuse thing in the form of "runner's knee" or perhaps some sort of bursitis or tendonitis (which he admitted can take months to heal, especially if one is still continuing with the activity that caused the issue). I asked if ITBS could be an issue, but he didn't think my symptoms fell quite in line with that.

The fact that I am able to do shorter runs without any problem and am pain free at least half of the time and really only have pain after 6 miles or so on longer runs had him believing that I'm irritating and re-irritating something, not that I have any meniscus issues...an injury like that would have me in pretty much constant pain and would prohibit running entirely. He doesn't think running with the pain is doing any sort of damage, other than making me really hate my knee and dislike running for a few hours each week.

He's recommending that I scale back on the miles I had been doing (which I already started doing as of this past week--I printed my RA log for the past 3 months and showed it to him), continue with the quad work, bike if it's not causing pain, and consider having my gait/shoes reassessed and considering seeing what a different shoe does (though he thinks it's not likely a shoe issue, since I've been in essentially the same shoe for 9 months and only had issues for the past 2.5), just to exhaust all possible causes.

He also said that he would refer me to a PT if I wanted, but that there's not likely much a PT would have me doing that I'm not already doing. He'd also schedule an MRI, but that he really doesn't believe it's going to show anything amiss, which has been my suspicion.

So...I guess it's mostly a good prognosis. I'll continue to train to the best of my ability and if it gets to the point where things are not getting any better even with more conservative training and cross-training, then I will probably suck it up and take as much as a month off...and forget the marathon for now. He didn't recommend that I stop running entirely or forget the marathon goal, so that's promising.

I also had a dentist appt. today.  Man, I hate having fillings.  My mouth is finally regaining some feeling, but I've felt little control over salivation much of the afternoon.  I have a 4 miler on the schedule, but I'm waiting just a while longer so that I don't drool all over myself while running.


  1. That's good, uh bad, uh - yip I would also not really know how to take that news!

    Good luck with your run.

  2. well, i'm not sure how i'd take that news either, but it's good that there's nothing seriously wrong.

    dentists are evil. hope you're back to a non-drool state.

  3. I'm often not sure what's worse... knowing or not knowing. I'm so sorry that you are in a tough spot right now. Thankfully it's nothing so serious as to require surgey or that you would have to stop running completely. Scaling back your mileage may indeed do the trick after a few weeks. Perhaps you can think about focusing on shorter distances for your races. Maybe focus on your 10k and half-marry times. Something positive to look forward to. :o)