Hrmm...so much for that...

Took my 5 full days of no running...and my knee was no better, today.  Granted, 15 miles was probably a bit much (my 5 yesterday felt OK--the shorter runs always have since the knee started up), but it's obvious from the typical pattern (first 6 miles fine, then the dull ache gradually set in, increasing in intensity) the pain took that 5 days did little to heal the knee.

So it's obvious that my nearly full week of rest wasn't enough...

My biggest mistake from the get-go was in not doing a "reverse taper" after my 25k in May. Aside from the asthma issues I was physically doing so well until about a week after that race. I tried to get right back into a 30 mile training week immediately after doing that race, which was stupid. My knee started acting up about 6-7 days after the race...coincidence? I think not.  In hindsight I should have limited myself to 20 miles that week and only 4 runs, instead of my usual 5.

Second mistake was in not taking the next 2 weeks after the initial knee twinges started-in off--and avoiding starting my training plan off with an injury. I am 99% certain if I had not been a moron then that I'd not be battling this chronic, nagging shit now.

Third mistake was in stubbornly trying to stick to a plan that I designed for use in good health.  After a few weeks of dealing with the knee I should have been willing to reassess things and scale back (instead of waiting until my 7th week of training to do so).

Live and learn. 2 years of being a relatively bomb-proof, consistent, cautious runner made me overly confident in my ability to avoid injury--and now it's biting me in the 
ass knee.

Instead of the plan I was originally planning to do (cobbled-together from a variety of similar plans, then customized to my schedule) that peaked at 50-52 mile week with 3 20 milers (perhaps one as long as 22 if I felt up to it) I am now planning to do Higdon's Intermediate I plan, which peaks at a 42 mile week (it works out to 43 the way I have to lay out the schedule) with only 2 20 mile runs and mid-range runs of no more than 8 miles (originally I had planned to do a 10 miler mid run to go with the 20s).

*sigh* at this point I have pretty much sacrificed any goal other than to make it to the starting line and across the finish line.  At one time I was certain I could finish in under 4:30, but now I think I'd just be happy to finish in under 5.  Heck, I think I'd just be happy to finish before they start sweeping the course.


  1. Sorry that your knee is still acting up. I was hoping this round of rest would calm it down...

    The Higdon plan isn't a bad one, but I know it's not where you wanted to be before your marathon...

    But, as you well know, you just have to look at the big picture and be gentle with that knee. Hang in there...

  2. Yep...at this point I'm not even all that upset about having to nix my original goal. Now I just want to have some runs that don't hurt. I have had so few "good" runs since back in May. That's too long.

    Tomorrow I think I am going to see if my PCP can get me a referral to a sports med. doc. Perhaps I'd be a candidate for a steroid injection or some other treatment besides RICE and quad work--since these things don't seem to be helping much, if at all.

  3. Have you tried a chiropractor?

    After my marathon I had a pain in my hamstring that would occur about two miles into my run. I rested, iced, Vitamin I-ed it (high doses of ibuprofen was the sports doc's recommendation) and it still didn't help much.

    I went to my chiropractor - along with the "normal" alignment stuff he does, he did some trigger point work in the area and then the "e-stim" (electrode stimulation?)...I saw improvement after the first visit.

    It took me 8 weeks before I thought about visiting the chiro for the pain and it took him 8 days to get me back and running without discomfort.

  4. Mike, the e-stim thing is very intriguing. My best friend had some leg issues and went through a couple of e-stim treatments with very good results. It's something I may ask about, depending upon what my doc. recommends.