Is it Friday, yet?

For some reason this week seems to be dragging.  I think last week's holiday craziness wore me out, now life feels like it's at a stand-still.

I'm in week 6 of 18 weeks of marathon training.  In some respects I feel like the weeks are flying, but part of me looks at my 12+ remaining weeks and finds it very daunting.  My right knee is still giving me fits...it's maybe a teensy bit better, but still far from fully healed.  Some days and some runs it doesn't bother me in the least, then other days--like today--it feels stiff, a little weak, and achey.  If it does bother me during a run it usually kicks-in by about the 6-7 mile mark...like clockwork.  But I'm pretty certain it's a tendonitis thing...and after dealing with 3-4 months of tendonitis in my right foot during the Spring of last year I know this sort of thing can take a LONG time to heal with seemingly no progress.

I'm continuing to do my quad strengthening exercises which I really believe have kept the knee from getting worse.  I still wear a patella strap during runs, too.  This coming week will be a bit of an ease-back week for me, so I may try to be brave and do that P90X legs workout that I've been sitting on for months.  I'm just chicken.  I know it's gonna hurt, but I need to get my quads stronger faster and the simple PT exercises I've been doing are starting to not feel like they are challenging the muscles as much as I need.

Today was supposed to be my 16 mile long run for the week, but I didn't sleep well (stuffy in our room and I got maybe 4 good hours of sleep before I woke and started tossing-and-turning...then the 5am asthma attack out of nowhere), and then it was very muggy and the forecast for t-storms made me think 3 hours out in the boonies wasn't such a great idea--especially since my breathing has been pretty poor all day.  So I did my 9 mile run for the week today and will do my 16 on Thurs. when the forecast looks much less humid (and no risk of electrical storms).  

Man, I am SO ready for Fall weather.  I know the heat is kind of nice...but I liked it better before I started running and struggling with asthma issues.  Now heat and humidity take such a toll on me.  As much of a pain as Winter running can be in terms of bundling up and tough footing, I almost never had breathing issues during the cold months (aside from those caused by viruses and infections).  We'll see how this Winter treats me.

Tomorrow Dane and I will take Lola kitty to the vet to see how her blood levels are after 3 months on meds for her hyperthyroid issues.  She definitely seems to be a lot better...still hungry a lot, but she no longer looks emaciated.  Her metabolism definitely seems a LOT better.


  1. Hang in there on the training. It really does go by quickly. The race will be here before you know it. GREAT job on your 16 miler, k! Hope it went well for you! Keep it up and remember... forward is forward. ;)

  2. I like that...forward is forward... Good to keep in mind when the going gets rough.


  3. Man Kirsten, I'm ready for Fall too! Of course fall-like (notice I said 'like' b/c it really is never fully fall) weather won't be here until November! Argh!

    I see that your knee did not listen to me when I told it to behave. Needs a smack!

    Keep up the good work. Stay positive. Slow and steady wins the race!

  4. It's Friday!! It's Friday!! It's Friday!! It's Friday!! It's Friday!! It's Friday!!

    I hear ya, mama - it's been a hella long week. Ryan and I leave for Chi town tonight for a fabulous weekend of parties, Cubs games and wedding dress shopping and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for weeks. TGIF!!

    And Rick's right, hang in there with the training. You're doing SO incredibly awesome!! You're going to kick marathon ass, I promise. Fall will be here before you know it and then we'll be back to running in ice and snow, yuck. Just go back and read some of your posts about how miserable the winter was. And thne enjoy the sun while you got it.