My kid is weird

So, even though all 4 of our cats are strictly indoor pets we have become victim to a flea infestation.  While I was at the vet this AM taking our eldest kitty in for a blood draw (to see how her hyperthyroid meds are working) I mentioned to our vet that we discovered in the past week that our cats all have fleas.  I figured maybe it was from hanging out in windows or by a door.  He believes the more likely scenario is that fleas and/or flea eggs were transported into our house on our shoes or pants legs--especially with all of the squirrels we have in our yard.  Or we had dormant eggs leftover from last Fall when we brought Chase in (apparently flea eggs can hang around unhatched for close to a year).

Onto the weird kid part.  Dane has become obsessed with combing our cats with a flea comb, then drowning the fleas in the toilet or bathroom sink.  It's almost as strange as his near obsession with pill bugs (roly poly bugs).  Kid is terrified of spiders, but pretty much any 6-legged insect holds some fascination for him.

Man, I hope our Frontline flea treatment ampules I ordered online arrive very soon.  I find myself scratching and feeling like I have bugs just from thinking about the nasty critters!  Thankfully our mostly wood floors should mean that all we have to do aside from treating the cats is wash bedding, vacuum, and maybe use some aerosol sprays on upholstered stuff.

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  1. He ain't weird... just has some strange fascinations. I think we all do. Anyway, his cuteness over-rides his weirdness. :)