Oh, to be 20-something, again...

So last night after leaving fireworks at my MIL's place we felt a little like rubbernecking and drove out to Rothbury (10 minutes from our house). Most of the actual festival area (which has drawn something in the neighborhood of 40k attendees) is not viewable from any roads, but we could see the tent city from the highway. It looked like a refugee camp stretching for as far as the eye could see. The entire complex was illuminated by big floodlights. Made for a glow in the sky that looked like a small city, rather than a tiny town of less than 500 residents.

We drove to some dirt backroad on the opposite side of the interstate where DH thought there was a hill we might be able to see more of the complex from about a mile or so away. We really couldn't see much, but what we did get to take in was the midnight fireworks display. Holy crap...even from a mile or two away it was awe-inspiring. We and other locals had found spots to park along the road to take in the sight.

I really think that if there is a year when there are several acts we'd want to see (this year Primus is the only major name that caught my eye...and Snoop Dogg would have been pretty cool, simply for the out-of-place factor.  Apparently he thought he was in East Lansing--2 hours away--during his set) that we might consider getting tickets. This year the cheapest option was still around $260/person, but since we live locally we wouldn't need to camp and could sleep in our own beds and use our own showers (in my mid-30s I feel too old for that camping in a pasture and rocking-out at 3am business). The whole deal seems pretty impressive and so far seems to be going off without a hitch. I've already read predictions that they are expecting next year's festival to draw double the attendees. Wow.

The ONLY negative episode I have read about came the first night (Thurs.), when a woman apparently had to be rushed to the hospital after ODing.

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