Still going...

Like the Energizer Bunny, my string of crap runs and races keeps going and going and going and going...

Today's 15 miler turned into 12 miles of increasing misery (I finally stopped to walk when I felt like another step would have me puking in the ditch and/or passing-out), with 1 mile of walking and 1.5 miles of just wanting to get home.  Biggest issue was not having enough fluids with me--obviously 20oz of Gatorade is not enough for 3 hours, even though it was only in the low-70s and minimal humidity.  Add to that complete inability to find my groove, even after my typically awkward first 2-3 miles.

My lungs were also fighting, which is strange, given the low humidity.  I think they just joined the rest of my non-cooperative body.  My right knee actually felt pretty good DURING run, but not so great this evening.  I sat for a half hour with the ice pack on it whilst drinking a beer.  I just need to go to bed.

The only bright side is I loaded some WGN Radio's Kathy & Judy Show podcasts onto my iPod.  First time I've ever run with something other than music--I like it.  I think I need to start getting into radio show podcasts more, especially when I want to keep the speed down and am on LONG runs.  Nice change of pace from music.  I find that no matter how much I love a song or music playlist, eventually I get to where I can't stand it anymore.


  1. I love running to podcasts - I usually don't run outside with my iPod (unless I'm doing a trail run), but when I'm stuck on the TM I alternate between songs and podcasts. My favorite podcast is Radio Lab. It's interesting and usually pretty funny.

  2. I love listening to podcasts while running - breaks it up and sometimes I actually learn something. Kathy and Judy (along with many other WGN hosts) have been in the mix.

    There are also a ton of podcasts about running, too. I think www.runningpodcasts.org is kind of the central location to find many of them. Also, www.steverunner.com is a great podcast.

    We're up in GH again. Amazing storms today! Just glad I didn't get caught in them