Wine, it does a body good!

Remember those milk ads back in the 80s?  I much prefer wine to milk...oops. 

Sitting here with a big glass of my favorite dry riesling.  Happy happy.  Had a nice run with a new and local friend, today.  She is new to running, but a natural.  Won't be long and she will be running circles around me.  For now I enjoy our easy pace.

My knee is feeling really quite good (still wearing knee strap--just to be safe) and my lungs are OK.  Today I was out-of-breath a lot, but I just generally felt low on energy, so I think it's more a sleep issue than anything.  Haven't slept great the last 2 nights (last night I was doing well until 5AM when Chase-kitty decided to leap from floor to my butt with claws extended.  Ow.  I think I have puncture wounds.  Didn't sleep much after that) and am still recovering from bad 15 miler on Tues. and last weekend's rough 15k race, I think.

Tomorrow I plan to do ~7 easy miles (while the boys do the parade--best way to avoid traffic on the backroads this weekend), then go hang at the little lake cottage my MIL owns.  Fireworks at dusk and home to sleep by midnight, I hope...and 9-10 miles on Sat.  Phew.


  1. I was *just* enjoying a glass of merlot. :) Glad to hear the knee is feeling better.

    Chase kitty and Snakey must have had some cosmic communication regarding attacking their owners...snakey BIT me today for the LAST time. After wretching him from my bloody finger, dh let him loose in the canyon. I should blog about it. little bugger.

  2. Tammy and I spent like $120.00 on wine last week on vacation at a couple of wineries. :)