2/3 done...just 6 more weeks

6 weeks from today is race day.  Dang, that's getting a little too close for comfort.  On the bright side, I only have 2 more really long runs before it's go time.  Next week I have my first 20 miler, then 2 weeks after that I do it again, then taper time, baby!

I am exhausted...and my morning coffee did little to cut the fog.  The last 2 weeks have really kicked my booty.  My knee is definitely better--the good days outnumber the bad and even when it does bother me on runs it usually takes longer to start talking and doesn't scream nearly as loudly when it does.  Now that I'm down to hard, long-run weeks only every-other I expect my knee to really improve greatly.  I'm even hoping that my almost 3 weeks of taper time will have it nearly 100% on race day.  The last 2 weeks were, thus far, my most challenging weeks during training and it held up pretty well, so I have high hopes.

Yesterday's 8 miler was supposed to be at "race pace," so I attempted to run at 10 minute mile pace (what I estimate my actual race pace will be, given what the various online calculators spit out when I enter my half-marathon PR pace)...which should have been relatively easy, but 75º and 94% humidity had me struggling to stay under 10:40.  My lungs were really freakin' angry with me and using my inhaler pre-run didn't seem to have had any positive effect, unfortunately.  Race day should be a good 10º cooler even at finish time...and FAR less humid.  I'm guessing humidity on race day wouldn't be much above 50%, as long as we don't have a day like last year's Chicago Marathon (which I believe was actually the same day as Milwaukee).

Today is a quiet "rest" day.  At some point I need to muster the energy to do my abs workout and some leg/knee strengthening stuff.  Also have laundry and bedding to do, and clean the bathroom.  Whoohooo...such an exciting weekend.

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  1. Welcome to marathon training, ma-dear! ;)

    Hey, at least you don't have to battle snow drifts and freezing temps. Always a bright side, isn't there?!? :)