Funny I-can't-sleep Story (non-running content)

So somehow Dane and I got on the topic of general anesthesia today and I explained to him that when a person has general sedation that they are "asleep" and unable to feel pain or be aware that they are being operated upon.

This leads to him asking "mom, have you ever had general anesthesia?"  So I told him that, yes, I have had it a couple of times, most recently 4+ years ago when I had "my boobies made smaller" (I can now run, because I am a D, instead of a DDD/F...which is his fault, anyhow, as I was a D pre-pregnancy and then lactation blew my boobs all to hell).  His response...classic... "well, they're still pretty big."

*snort* Nothing like a little boy to state the obvious with full candor.  He also seems to be a pretty apparent boob man at a relatively young age...gee, wonder where he gets THAT trait. ;)

I'm going to have to drag out some old photos so that he can see mommy "before."  The ones pre-reduction and pre-weight loss are particularly fascinating...I don't even look like the same person.  I don't think he'd recognize his "old" mommy... :)


  1. Ha! You're right - kids will tell it to you straight. A few weeks ago my daughter (5) was in the room with me while I was changing. She told me my breasts looked like hippo eggs.

    Can I get a WTF?

  2. I hardly recognize my "old boobs," either; they shrank from weight loss and running. I was pushing a D when I started losing weight and now I think I'm "barely a B." I can actually get away with not wearing a bra sometimes. It's fabulously liberating.

  3. Monnik...hippo eggs...WTF, indeed!

    Oh, Sarah, I would dream of a B. My boobs don't shrink...only proportionate to the rest of me, so if I lose weight I could end up a 32D...as if 34D bras weren't impossible enough to find. :p

  4. Do hippos lay eggs?

    Hugely (pun intended) funny true Dane story, k. I can't wait to meet this little man after my own heart someday!

  5. Dane is a funny dude, that's for certain.


  6. All this talk of shrinking boobs and boob reductions made me weep btw, Zoomy. :(