How I finished my Summer vacation...

Yesterday we played tourist (or, as my folks call them, "tourons" = tourist + morons) and visited a popular local attraction, Mac Wood's Dune Rides.  We had an absolute BLAST!  Dane had already done the ride with his grandma and grandpa a few years back, but this was a super awesome treat for his dad and I as first-timers.  We've lived in this area for over 8 years and wonder why we waited so long to partake in this fantastic treat only a half hour north of us.
At left are my guys posing with a "dune scooter" while sporting their cool shades and goofy hats.

Our 40 minute ride consisted of some fast and thrilling rides up and down the dunes of Silver Lake and Lake Michigan...beautiful vistas, humorous tales and punny jokes from our driver/guide, Ron, and a bit of a wet splash along the edge of Lake MI.

More photos can be viewed here (though it was difficult to get really good shots around other riders' heads, unfortunately - the actual views and experience were so much more impressive than the photos can convey).

Today I had a truly awesome run with a local friend.  We did an easy 5 along the paved rail trail to the library and back.  Well, I take that back...we did 4.75.  Heather told me at about 3 miles in that she had a cooler with 2 bottle of Bell's Oberon in her car, so we picked-up the pace for the last almost 2 miles, drank our beers in the covered picnic gazebo near our cars...then got the bright idea to go for ice cream a short walk away--so much for any calories we may have burned.  But I think I now have someone to go hashing with me in Grand Rapids.  A couple other local girls have expressed interest.  Definitely sounds like a fun activity once marathon training (and recovery) are over.

On a crummy note, I wore my BRAND NEW, $48 runningskirts.com skirt (pictured in prior post) and it's already permanently stained.  I used the SportShield roll-on -- which has never stained any other technical fabrics -- on my inner thigh "chub rub" zone to find that after 4 soakings and washings in a variety of things (laundry detergents, OxyClean, Shout pre-treater, Dawn dish soap...seriously, Dawn gets out EVERYTHING!) that the stains are still there and haven't faded at all.  The skirt has not been in the dryer (I don't dry any of my running skirts in the dryer), so it's not as if that would have set the stains.

Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed.  I had planned to wear that skirt for a warm weather marathon, but it looks like I wet myself.  My identical skirt in a different color has never had stains from the SportShield, nor have my compression shorts or any of my running tanks.  DH thinks I should smear SportShield on the entire thing so that it's fully stained...I am tempted.

The SportShield is a silicone-based skin lubricant and I have seen threads online asking how to remove silicone lubes from bedsheets (yeah, it's kind of similar to those types of lubes).  A couple of recommendations refer to heavy duty degreasers and acetone--neither of which would be kind to nylon/lycra type technical fabrics, I'm guessing...

Any suggestions?  I think I am going to e-mail the company to see if they have any thoughts of what might work and not damage my skirt.


  1. Mac Woods rocks! Our girls didn't want to go on it several years ago when we were camping in Ludington and when we went, they said it was as fun as the rides at Cedar Point.

  2. I think we'll definitely do that again next Summer--so fun! If you guys vacation in this area again next Summer we should all plan to meet in Silver Lake and do the dune rides together.