I would walk (run) 500 miles...and I would walk (run) 500 more...

And I did...plus a half mile as of this evening.  Since Jan. 1 I have logged 1000 miles, so I am a bit ahead of pace to complete 1500 for the year.  Pretty good, considering I have had a couple of full weeks I've had to take off for illness (flu/bronchitis) and the knee.  Also dealt with the miserable asthma issues this Spring and struggled for a couple of months to find the right treatment to control that.

I'm already thinking that if I could stay healthy and uninjured that a 2k mile year is definitely not out of the question. 


  1. That is so awesome!


    Thanks for the earworm, BTW. It's a good thing I love that song.

  2. The 1K is a great accomplishment Zoomy! Congratulations! I have no doubt you'll get the 1.5K in as well before 12/31/08 @ 11:59.59. I wish I could say the same. As things stand, I will just have to be content at getting fat... again. LOL