The Living Dead

This is what I feel like today.  Yesterday I ran my longest run ever--18 miles.  I won't say that it was easy or comfortable...because it wasn't (how in Hades am I supposed to run 8.2 more miles at race pace?).  My 17 miler the previous week was MUCH easier by comparison.  My body is SO ready for long runs only every other week from now until the marathon.  I can do weekly long runs comfortably as long as the distance is no more than about a half marathon, but once it gets much beyond that those back-to-back weeks with a long run are pretty miserable.

My knee bothered me more than any other run since I started wearing the Superfeet insoles...but my knee was still in far better shape than before the insoles.  Today it's still a bit tender, but the discomfort is still relatively minor.

Last night I didn't sleep particularly well...fell asleep hard and fast, but woke 4 hours later in need of "vitamin I," aka ibuprofen.  Chase kitty also wanted lots of lovin' (he's always an affectionate little bugger in the middle of the night), so I had him on the bed for some snuggle time before the Advil kicked-in and I felt back asleep.  Then Dane woke too early, so I think I managed maybe 7 good hours of sleep when my body really needed probably closer to 9.  Right now I'm considering a nap.

Today is supposed to be cross-training.  I need to go do my abs workout and a few miles on my bike once DH is home.  But mostly I just want to sit here.  I have all the energy and motivation of a sloth right now.


  1. Nice job, K. I'm really not looking forward to getting up there in mileage.

    Glad to hear that your knee is feeling better, even if it's not perfect.

  2. Hey, as long as you aren't injured during training you're gonna do just fine, man! I know that if my knee were good I could be training a bit more aggressively, but there will hopefully be future marathons for me to really burn myself out on, heh.