No news is good news...I guess...?

According to my ticker it is exactly 2 months until my marathon... *hyperventilates*

I've been pretty remiss in keeping up with my blog in recent weeks.  When running is going great it seems I have lots to blather about...when it's going bad I still can muster some gab.  Lately it's just mediocre, so I'm not feelin' the bloggin' love quite so much.

A few weeks back I scaled my training back from what was roughly equivalent to Higdon's Intermediate II plan, in favor of doing his Intermediate 1 plan (with the days rearranged a bit to fit our schedule better).  My knee seemed pretty appreciative of this move, even though the rest of my body seems pretty bummed.  Aside from the knees I'm certain that I could have comfortably peaked at 50 or so miles, but plan B is to peak at 43.

I also spent last week on a quest for the elusive "perfect" shoe.  As much as I adore my NB 903s, I think they played a role in the knee thing.  A very common cause of "runner's knee" is shoes with insufficient stability.  So on Weds. I made the hour-long trek to the nearest large running store.  Tried on several shoes and ended up with the Asics GT-2130.  Ran 4 miles in them the next day...meh.  The heel fit was just not good.  I have a hard time finding heels that fit me well (and from past experience should know enough to stay away from Asics--the Kayanos I tried on last Summer were no better).  I also think they were too narrow, even though they had a generous forefoot for a medium width shoe...and they were definitely stiff.  The sales woman was convinced that I needed the medium width for my relatively narrow heel, but they were still too big in the heels and the forefoot was still snugger than I like, too.

So back they went on Friday.  Again I tried on a bunch of different shoes.  The kid helping me seemed to want to put me in $$ top-of-the-line shoes as much as he could (which are usually too heavy and controlling for me) and also was giving me mediums that were all far too narrow.  I really got the feeling that they are trying to unload specific shoes to make room for new colors and models due out for Fall...was kind of put off by that.  

The shoe I wanted to try (Mizuno Wave Inspire 4...lightweight, flexible, moderate stability) was not in stock in my size in either medium or wide widths, but I liked the fit and feel of a similar Mizuno shoe, so I special ordered the Inspires.

Unfortunately they gave me an ETA of 10-14 days...which is a bit long to continue running in shoes that are not helping my injury issues, especially since I am now in the second half of my 18 week training plan, so I decided to check a couple of other running stores closer to me to see if they might carry them--they do, but not in wides.

So I bit the bullet and ordered the shoes online--since they were about $25 cheaper that way...and then paid the difference in the form of overnight shipping.  I wasn't sure if I needed the 8 or 8.5, so I ordered both and planned to ship the non-fitting pair back.  Smart move, as the 8s were too small.

I've logged 11 miles (2 runs) in the shoe and like the overall fit a lot, but they are SO much stiffer than what my feet have become accustomed to (and the Inspires are actually one of the most flexible and soft moderate stability shoes according to Runner's World test labs and reviews I have read)...hopefully my feet will adapt and this will eventually not be an issue.  My knees honestly feel so much better after wearing shoes with a bit more oomph than the 903s for most of the past week.  If it's a choice between unhappy feet or unhappy knees that risk permanent damage...well, I think I'll risk the cranky feet.  It's easier to ignore cranky feet than it is a knee that won't function...fall-down-go-boom!

The other minor issue with the Mizunos is a seam that runs medially from the laces down my arch (underneath the logo trim, which likely adds a little pressure to the seam, too).  I've had issues with this same sort of seam in other shoes--my feet are pretty delicate when it comes to chafing and blistering from seams and overlays.  NB has gone to seamless liners in most of their shoes which I ADORE.  I wish all manufacturers would do this.  I can Body Glide the offending area of my feet and eventually the shoe should soften and the seam won't likely be an issue, but it stinks that companies are still manufacturing their shoes using such "old school" methods when superior ones exist.  Perhaps they are in kahootz with the manufacturers of Body Glide and Blister Shield...hmmm....

This past weekend we attended a fun JDRF ride team pool party and then met up with DH's cousin and her hubby for dinner, as they were camping for a night in our area as part of a trip they were doing around the perimeter of Lake MI. 

Tomorrow we head out for a few days with my MIL and will return on Sunday.  I hope to meet up with a fellow RA friend for a run at some point while we are there.  I also hope it's not too hot and humid.  Our weather today is pretty brutal.  My lungs are struggling just sitting here typing.  I need to get in an 11 miler at some point today...and still have laundry and packing to do.  But this weather is killing my motivation.  Yuck.


  1. But this weather is killing my motivation. Yuck.

    I agree...there's no way I would be at all motivated to do any running once the heat of the day is upon me. Which is why I force myself to get up early (like 5:30 early) and get out the door ASAP. Even this morning's run was nasty and uncomfortable by the end; at 70 degrees and what felt like 95% humidity I was completely drenched in sweat. I hung my disgusting shirt and sports bra up to dry while I'm at work before I toss them in the clothes hamper.

    Good luck finding a good shoe. I"m having good success with my Brooks Adrenalines which I got back in June. I've been bouncing from one maker to another (Asics, Nike, Saucony, and now Brooks) and I like the Brooks the best so far.

  2. Yeah, I really wish DH didn't get away for work so early every day (he is usually out the door by 6:30, which means I'd have to be gone really early to do longer runs before he leaves). I'm sitting here watching for the shadows to get a bit longer. Heat isn't so unbearable if I can be in the shade for a good deal of a run.

    Are you as ready for Fall as I am? I don't know how people in the South run outdoors this time of the year. Of course, they can't fathom how we run outdoors in Jan. and Feb. Give me cold ANY day!

  3. I'm glad to see you're doing fairly well (physically) in your continued training, k. Haven't been lurking for awhile due to going out of town for work or mini-vacations. Really disrupts the computer time. Speaking of vacations... don't forget to e-mail me sometime this week and I'll give you my cell number to possibly get together next week while we're in Ludington if you and did are able to. I'll be fishing in the mornings, but most of the afternoons should be free. Like I had mentioned before, you and did/didlet could even take a spin out to the campground to visit for dinner or something like that. Anyway, our e-mail is rtvelich at buckeye-express dot com.

    Oh, Tammy loves her Wave Inspires. She has those very shoes and has been very pleased with them.