My butt hurts.  Yesterday (my "rest" day) I decided to do one of the leg workouts that I haven't done in a while.  Apparently all those lunges and squats work my glutes in ways that running doesn't.  My butt muscles are really sore and my inner thigh muscles a bit, too.

In addition to soreness I am REALLY tired.  This marathon training business is really exhausting.  Good thing every other week for the next few is easy, then taper.  Guess that's why 18 week training plans work this way.  Beat a person up for the first 2/3 of the plan, then throw those hardest runs in only every-other week before a 3 week taper.

Of course, I could be tired from simply not sleeping well.  It has been really stuffy in our room the last week or so (and I think we had a full moon in the past week, too).  I wake all sweaty, toss and turn.  Too cool for the window A/C unit to run and we should have had the other window open more, I think.  Apparently it got down into the high 40s last night.  Tonite the forecast is calling for mid-40s.  Wow, Fall seems to be coming a little early this year...NICE! :D

Today I have a 5 miler planned after DS's dentist appt., then tomorrow 13 miles.

UPS came a bit ago and delivered my 3rd pair of NB 902s--my favorite discontinued shoe.  That should hold me over at least until the 904s come out (in Jan., from what I hear)...assuming that I like them.  The 903 is a nice shoe, but they changed the fit of the upper and I don't like them as well.  The 904 is going to be a complete overhaul of the shoe, so I hope they don't mess it up completely.  If they do I am SOL.


  1. we're having a freaky cool August in Iowa too. I'm loving it, but...

    am worried that we're heading straight into winter. And I'm not down with that one bit.

    Where in WI did you grow up?

  2. I grew up in the "thumb" of WI, Door Co. Was actually born in Appleton and we moved up to DCW when I was going into first grade. My folks both grew up there and wanted us to grow up near our grandparents, which was really nice.

  3. no way!! DH and I go up to door county for our anniversary every year in September. We usually stay in Sturgeon Bay but we've stayed in Jacksonport and maybe Egg Harbor before too. I'm bummed because a trip up to DCW isn't in our budget this year. Boo.

    Beautiful country up there!!!

  4. It IS...beautiful and $$$. I grew up in Sister Bay...home of Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant with the goats on the roof. :D