Superfeet really are...SUPER!

I'm a happy happy girl.  I have been wearing the Superfeet "berry" insoles for nearly a week, now...and the quality of my runs and relative comfort of my knees has been outstanding compared to the last 3 months.  Amazing!  Why the heck did I not try these MONTHS ago?  And why when I went to the running store and explained my "issues" did they not recommend trying insoles that they CARRY in shoes that I already love and know is a good fit for my foot before a different shoe?  I know most people recommend shopping at local running stores and that is probably good advice for a truly new runner, but in the past year or so the 3 trips I've made to the top-rated running store in our area has not yielded a single pair of shoes to work for me.

Anyhow, back to the Superfeet Insoles...Monday night I ran 4 miles in the size D pair I had (they were pretty long, so I had to trim them to fit my shoes in length, width was good).  The run was so good that I was a LOT less apprehensive about my 17 miler the next day...AKA my longest run ever.  And while my knee did complain a little on that long run, it didn't really start until nearly 10 miles AND never became more than a relatively mild annoyance.  Sweet!  Yesterday I ran my fastest 5 mile training run in months.  It was still pretty slow, but given that I've run about a minute/mile slower for all of my runs in 2-3 months it's going to take time to get my body accustomed to some "faster" paces and avoid any further injury.  Slow and steady is good stuff.  I have still helped build my aerobic capacity through the knee issues.

Since I was kind of between sizes on the insoles (the Cs were perfect in length, but maybe a little narrow, Ds perfect width, but kind of long and the plastic orthotic section came up to just under the back of the balls of my feet) I had DH pick up a pair of Cs for me to compare fit to.  I did one 8 miler in the Cs and they definitely were not as good a fit or support as the Ds, as I felt knee issues earlier and my arches felt less well supported, so Ds it is for running and the Cs I will save for casual shoes.  Maybe now I can pick up a cute, cheap pair of Chuck Taylor's at Target--only thing that has kept me from buying those in the past is the knowledge that they have no arch support.  But they are so stinkin' cute! :p

I'm just so amazed that something as simple as a small slab of molded plastic can do so much to position my entire body better and correct slight biomechanical issues that cause injury.  But in a way this should not come as a surprise.  Growing up we didn't have a ton of money, but footwear was the ONE place where my folks would not scrimp.  We always had quality athletic shoes that were replaced before they were too worn...and never hand-me-downs, since shoes adapt to the first wearer's foot and my mom always reasoned that they could cause harm to subsequent wearers.  This has always stuck with me.  And having stupid wide feet has forced me to wear fairly high end shoes all my life, too...but no heels.  I'm a big fan of Dansko clogs...those babies are wide and orthopedic.  In the Summers I live in my Keen sandals.  No flip-flops...ever.

My RA buddy Rick and his family didn't manage to meet up with me while they were vacationing 45 minutes away...too much going on and flaky cell phone coverage.  Hope I will get to see that bunch in Oct. at the Grand Rapids Marathon/Half.  Dane and I will be there cheering our Running Ahead friends while Derek is in Death Valley on the JDRF ride (which is why I am not running my marathon in GR and am doing Milwaukee 2 weeks earlier, instead).

Last night we rented The Darjeeling Limited.  Normally I like quirky, "deep" films (particularly if they are British), but I was having a REALLY hard time following this film.  There were some neat symbolic bits, but mostly I was kinda bored and wishing we'd chosen to watch the Olympics, instead.  We had wanted to rent The Serpent and the Rainbow for some zombie fare, but it was already rented.  I think we may look into a Netflix subscription, especially once school starts and life quiets-down.  We rent a fair amount during the Winter months and our local video stores are often kind of limited.  There are always so many movies that I mean to see, but never get around to renting.  We'd probably rent even more with a Netflix subscription.