USPS Inspiration!

Since the moment I dragged myself out of bed this AM I have been dreading my scheduled 8 mile run.  I am exhausted...this flaky late-Summer weather has it often too cool for the window A/C unit to run, but too warm to sleep comfortably.  This has gone on for the last week or two.  Add to that my Fall allergies kicking-in (word on the street is that this year is expected to be particularly dreadful for us allergy sufferers), the stress of my knee continuing to act-up (just as it seemed like I was out-of-the-woods I had a set-back), and DS refusing to sleep-in and I'm in pretty rough shape.  

Right now I am counting the days until I am done with my 2nd 20 miler (2 weeks, 3 days, to be precise) and can officially begin my pre-marathon taper.  It's bad when a runner actually starts hoping for an illness to sideline them for a few days so that they can rest a bit extra.  Earlier this week I did absolutely NO workout of any sort on my "cross-training" day and felt no guilt (though I did do the abs work and quad-strengthening stuff before yesterday's easy 5).  Never has running made me so tired.  I guess this is not all that abnormal as one finds themselves 2/3 through training, but it's kind of blowing that whole "runner's high" business.

Anyhow...I was completely thrilled when we arrived home from a family fun day (more on that in a later post--I do have a run to get in) to find that the postal person left me this flashy little number...

I have been gradually amassing my "wardrobe" for race day.  Since I will be wearing my bright aqua blue NB 902 trainers I thought it might be fun to build my race day outfit(s) around the shoes (is it sad that I NEVER give this much thought to "regular" clothes?).  I knew I wanted another RunningSkirts.com skirt for a warm weather day and will wear a plain white short-sleeved top with that.  If it's cool weather I have a pair of Nike compression tights that come just below the knee and a matching long-sleeved top (I'll post more about that later, too).

Ok, off to test my new skirt.  I'm sure I'll love it just as much as my garish blaze orange and pink one. :D

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