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As follows is the meat of a post I made today over at RunningAHEAD.com:
As part of my process of being mentally prepared for my first marathon in five days *chokes* I have been going over the wisdom of my fellow running friends.

The one mantra that is sticking at the front of my mind comes from my friend Rick. You may remember that Rick ran his first marathon this past Spring under the worst possible weather conditions--all that was missing was oppressive heat. He also ran the entire race and most of his training with a broken friggin' leg--talk about HTFUing!

Rick wrote to me a while back when I was dealing with my own ongoing knee issues and contemplating dropping out of my race training. 3 simple words keep playing in my head: "forward is forward." No matter how badly I want to stop on Sunday, I will play this phrase...over and over if necessary. Even if it means literally crawling on hands-and-knees, crawling is still forward. Stopping will not get me to the finish, no matter how appealing it seems in those last miles.

Today's 3 miler was really enjoyable.  I have slept much better in recent nights and my body is definitely starting to recover from the beating it took in the later weeks of marathon training.  My plan originally called for 3 EASY miles, but after 2 miles of fighting to stay slower than 10:30 pace I gave in and decided to let my legs and lungs be my guide.  So my 3 miler fell in at an average 10:06 minute/mile pace.  It felt great.  Kind of like taking a car out on the highway after too many short, slow runs around town.  It's good to stretch the legs and "see what this baby can do."  My lap paces were (as recorded by my Garmin and uploaded to Motion Based):
(mi )
M Spd

That last mile was run at roughly my half-marathon PR pace from a year ago.  I'd like to run my marathon somewhere in the 10-10:30 minute/mile pace.

I have TWO more runs left before the race...tomorrow an EASY (and this time I will really work at it--I want to stay slower than 11 minute/mile) 4, as well as another easy run...TWO piddly miles on Sat. before we drive to Milwaukee (yeah...it would make more sense to get those 2 in once we get to Milwaukee, since I'll have spent 5-6 hours sitting in the car, but I don't want one more thing to have to do once we get there--plus it would mean taking a second shower for the day before catching an early "breakfast" supper.  I can walk fast each direction to the race expo a few blocks from our hotel...that should accomplish much of the leg loosening that I'll need).

With nearly no running between now and race day I'll probably waste a lot of time (and distract myself from obsessions...like "OMG, what if I totally blow up on race day?!") playing with our new Wii and some of the less strenuous activities included in the Wii Fit kit.  DH bought the Wii over the weekend, then had a co-worker pick up the Fit package at a Wal-Mart an hour away...they had it in stock and for a good price (hey, we got a bargain without having to step foot in WM--bonus!).  Oh, did I mention that DH is totally addicted!  But DS and I can kick his ass at Wii Bowling...muwahahahaha! :)

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