Blog Facelift

And it was no small task...I suck at CSS and advanced HTML...pretty much had to keep tweaking and previewing until things worked-out. Still not sure why the poll text within the graph is that pale gray...I don't think it was that color before I started messing and I didn't change that section of the code, either...no sign of any hex code that would make for pale gray in the HTML, either...weird. Perhaps it will correct itself when I update the poll sometime in the next week.

So I have accomplished pretty much nothing else all day...and I think I won't likely be getting my abs workout in, which I normally would do on my Sunday "rest" day. Not feelin' particularly guilty about it, either (especially since my last abs workout this past weds. was a more challenging one). Tomorrow is my 2nd and final 20 mile training run before I start tapering in preparation for the big race THREE weeks from TODAY...ack! I'm sort of doing my best to do nothing and make sure that I've got as much in the tank as possible for tomorrow. I think once that run is out of the way that I will likely feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I am SO ready to scale things back a bit and get myself rested and strong for race day.

Weather for tomorrow's run looks fantastic...partly cloudy, upper 50s, refreshing breeze. Beats this weekend's wet, humid remnants of Hurricane Ike.


  1. Like the facelift! Enjoy reading the blog.


  2. Like the new look! :) We'll have to do lunch soon, I'll let you know when I get a day off. Nights are pretty full with school and karate and bible study these days.
    good run tomorrow!

    (can't remember my login/pass here haha)

  3. Skipped my long run today - legs hurt and really didn't want to get soaked again. I'll be out doing my long run "with you" only a little further south. Have a great run and enjoy the taper - you've earned it!!

  4. I have to opine (is that a werd?) that I personally liked the design of the blog before. Not that this one is bad by any stretch... quite fabulous, in fact. The prior layout was just more, you. Sorry, hope I'm not raining on your new layout parade. ;)

  5. Ha, Rick...you're funny! I'm still gonna get that little kitty tattoo with the 26.2 after my race (did was crabbing about it and I told him "fine, make that my Christmas present").

    Mom on the Run, man, I had some wet runs in the past week, too. Then I discovered that DH had tossed my stash of newspapers for stuffing in wet shoes. He got a lecture for that and I'm sure will never make that mistake again, heh.


    Nicole, I would love to do lunch--I'll have a lot more time in the next couple of weeks now that I'm running a bit less, too. Just say the day and I'm there.