'Cause she cares enough to send the very best...

Ha...a friend from my favorite running log/support site posted this for all the marathoners preparing to run their first race in the next few weeks.

Funny stuff...that is something I worry about, though I'm generally pretty adept at "cleaning house" pre-run and it's rare that I ever require a "#2 Tempo Run" (™JeffGoBlue).  Coffee at breakfast--it's not just for waking a person up, anymore... ;)  I should probably still carry some baby wipes in a baggie with me--just in case I need to duck off course in an emergency where there are no port-a-johns...

The wall...it could happen anytime after the 20 miler marker (or maybe never...it's not a given) if I run most of the race within my abilities and get gels into me early enough to have the extra calories late in the race (but not so much that it's too much for my stomach to handle--that's the trick).  If I push too hard...well, then it could come earlier.  I need to pace myself based upon feel and my Garmin Forerunner (I'm planning to start slower than my expected overall pace, then gradually pick up the pace)...not my best friend.  If I do that I'll blow up much earlier.  She has a tendency to go out fast and fizzle with positive splits.  Not a huge deal in a shorter run, but during a marathon it could quickly turn the entire last half into nothing short of a death march.

As for pace...right now I am thinking I'll start the first 10k of the race slow...probably 10:30 pace or thereabouts (a full minute slower than my half-marathon PR pace from a year ago).  Then gradually pick up the pace every 5-6 miles or so.  A lot will depend upon how well rested I am, temperature, mood.  This first time around I really have no goals.  Pace predictors generally put me at around a 4:20 finish, so I'd be happy to finish under 4:30.  Mostly I just want to finish before they sweep the course. :p

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  1. I think it's great that you're planning to go out slow. I've never ran anything but a 5K, but I have to consciously do that, even for a short race, otherwise I think I'm a superstar who can run like the wind. Which I am most definitely NOT.

    Good luck!