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Today is t-minus 10 days until the race...and I think "Taper Madness" may be really starting to rear its ugly head.  I can't remember the last night that I fell asleep without the assistance of Ambien...though I was needing it long before any sort of taper issues would have started.  I'm just a chronic insomniac and the relatively intense training of the past month was enough cause for sleep issues on its own.

Now my insomnia is of the "OMG, if I don't get enough sleep I'm going to have a positively horrible race" variety (which, of course...stresses me out and prevents sleep...vicious-cycle) .  It doesn't help matters that my right knee (which has been mostly trouble-free for close to a month) started giving me fits again during Monday's 12-miler.  I'd think the pain were all in my head were it not for the fact that it's accompanied by the standard snapping/clicking/popping business...good for a bowl of Rice Krispies with milk, not so good for a major joint.  I'm hoping that my remaining 10 easy days remedy this enough for me to get most of the way through my marathon without too much issue.

The 10 day weather forecasts are not yet showing race day (not that it would matter...this is the Upper Midwest and we can't predict weather the DAY OF), but it looks like things are trending on the mildish side.  I'm guessing it will be a warm enough finish (low 60s) for me to be wearing my skirt "outfit," rather than the knee-length tights and long-sleeve shirt I have in the event of a colder weather race.  A start in the low-50s would be pretty nice...I wouldn't even mess with arm warmers or gloves in that event.  If it looks like it will be closer to mid-60s (or warmer) I would probably even ditch the short-sleeve top I searched for to match my skirt trim, instead wearing just the lightweight Girls On The Run singlet/tank (which I will otherwise be wearing on top of either the long or short-sleeved top).

Speaking of GOTR, my fundraising efforts are going pretty well.  I am about 80% to my $1k goal...if you haven't already donated, please consider giving something--anything--to this worthy cause.  Running is such a great endeavor for adolescent girls, on so many levels.


  1. AHHH i know this feeling :) no worries just keep trying to get sleep and you will be rested!! the few days before is most important. SO exciting!

  2. It's reassuring to know that others have BTDT and survived!