Garbage IN = Garbage OUT!

Ok...now that I'm a mere ONE week away from the big race day I need to take a firmer stance on eating HEALTHY...rather than the garbage that has constituted my diet in recent weeks.  I know I'm not alone in the too-tired-to-eat-anything-that-requires-any-effort thing.  Several of my fellow Fall marathoners-in-training on RunningAhead.com have said that they've been so tired of late that they find themselves ingesting calories from any source that is quick and easy--instead of wisely eating the foods that will best fuel their training and race efforts...it's a wicked catch-22 scenario.

Specifically...I have eaten more chocolate (and I'm not even a chocoholic) in the past month than during the rest of 2008 combined.  I've also eaten far more pre-packaged garbage containing high levels of trans-fats, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup than I normally would.

But that has to stop...TODAY.  My reduced mileage of the past week (25 miles total, down from 40 the previous week) finally has me feeling more rested and has allowed me to sleep much better the past 3 nights, as well.  I'm still tired, but no longer feel zombie-fied.  This week will have me running 4 days and a mere 17 miles.  So I have no excuse for not ingesting healthy, whole foods that take a bit more effort.

So, in order to hold myself accountable I am setting some rules to follow over the next week:
  1. No fast food
  2. No "adult" beverages after Weds.
  3. No pre-packaged, nutrient-lacking "food"
  4. No candy
  5. A MINIMUM of 4 servings of fruits/veggies per day
  6. No ingesting more calories than my greatly reduced activity levels warrant
  7. "Carb-loading" does not = bingeing on junk-food
Right now my primary source of taper stress isn't lack of sleep, as it was a few days ago.  It is currently the return of my right knee issues.  After several weeks of my knee behaving and being mostly noise and pain-free I figured it would be a thing of the past and maybe a non-issue on race day.  But now I'm concerned that my knee will start complaining within the first 10k and will prove a constant source of pain and limitation during the race.  An already long race could easily be made even longer and more uncomfortable if this is the case.  I really hope that this week of paltry mileage and increased rest helps heal the knee enough to have it not be too bothersome until the last half of the race.  I think I could deal with it better if I were able to at least get through that first 13 or so without the mental stress that it causes--on top of the pain.

Extended weather forecast for race day looks mostly good - 51°/68°, 0% chance of precip.  Not bad, though I'm wishing the predicted high were about 10º lower.  Still will beat weather in the 80s or high humidity...or rain/wind/snow.  If the start is in the 50s I shouldn't even need gloves or arm warmers (though I will still have them in my drop bag--just in case), which is kind of nice.

Have an 8 miler planned for today--my last run of over an hour until race day.  Whatever will I do with myself with all this extra time and energy?


  1. YOU are doing great!!!!!

    you are truely an inspiration!

  2. Thanks! So are you...I can't wait to follow along with your own fitness efforts.


  3. Nah, Steve...no candy isn't so great a sacrifice. Now, no beer...that would be an entirely different matter. You can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the girl!


  4. I just recommitted to weight watchers last Friday. I started running a year and a half ago and have actually gained 12# since then.


    It's all because I eat too much.

    Good luck with your new eating plan!