I gotta say goodbye

...to double-digit runs for a while.

Today was my final "long" run until race day.  Next week's longest run is an 8 miler, which is really more of a mid-length run and has been pretty much for the last 2 years.  Ever since my first half-marathon I have considered only runs of 10 miles or more "long."

The timing is probably good.  My right knee was bothering me a little more today than it has been in weeks.  Coming off of a 40 mile week I guess I can't be too surprised.  Hopefully the remainder of taper does just what it's designed to--allow my body to rest, recover, heal...so that on race day I should be fit and strong, with tons of energy and feelin' a little antsy, even.

Last night I had a somewhat unexpected and very welcome phone call.  My brother was phoning to tell me that he and his girlfriend are not only planning to come watch my race, but to also stay at the same hotel where we will be, in addition to my folks and best friend (who is also running the race with me--her first marathon, as well).  AND my brother's girlfriend will be bringing some of her home-brewed beer.  That woman is a KEEPER! :D

Today I ordered some cheap cowbells (found 'em on Amazon.com for $1.50/ea.)...ugly, brown painted.  I'm going to find some paints or paint markers or something that DS can use to have fun decorating them.  I got enough for everyone in my family to have one for clanging on race day--Eryn's hubby, too.


  1. The cowbell idea is awesome! Since it'll be a while before I run my first marathon I think I'll have one of my friends bring one out to the greenway where I normally run. It should motivate me while simultaneously confusing the crap out of everyone else!

    Sorry to hear about the knee pain coming back. I can't identify with the 40 mile week just yet, but I definitely feel your knee pain! I'm sure the tapering will get you feeling great in time for the big day.

  2. I love the cowbell idea too! Sounds like you'll have a lot of support there. That will be great.

    Hope the knee calms itself down during the taper.

    Almost there!!!

  3. love the cowbells!!! enjoy your taper time - rest up, plan your strategy and be excited!!!