I think I need help...

Does anyone know if there's a 12-step program or the like for runners with a fashion problem?  This is why I ask...

"Normal" people buy shoes to match their outfits...I buy outfits to match my shoes. Somebody slap me. :p
So originally I had planned to wear a white compression top with the skirt, but found yesterday that even though the C9 tops I bought fit nice by themselves, as soon as I snap a hydration belt around my waist the damned things ride up, the same as all other compression tops I've worn.

Now, on race day I won't need the belt to carry a water bottle, per se, but I will need it to carry gels and my inhaler.  My skirt can hold 2 gels, but not the inhaler, and I will likely have 3-4 gels, anyhow.  So, the belt is a necessity.

Last night I realized that I'd have to search for a new top and thought I'd look online before scouring TJ Maxx and the clearance racks at Dick's.  Didn't really find anything at my usual online running store favorites (at least not for under $30-40).  So I thought I'd see what Sierra Trading Post (.com) had to offer.  I often find good deals there on great stuff like my beloved Smartwool socks.

That's when I found that awesome Hind shirt...and it looks like that funky pea/tea green will be a perfect match for the green in my skirt--plus the bright blue.  No way can my family miss me on the course during the race in that ensemble...especially with my garish yellow LiveStrong hat! :D

Yeah...I'm gonna look like a noob, but given that the marathon will be my first race at the distance (as well as my first time running the full 26.2 in a single run), I AM a noob! ;)


  1. Well at least you match, right down to the shoes!

  2. What's wrong with being fashionably coordinated and functional? :)

  3. Umm... don't forget the sunglasses (even if it's cloudy) lest you blind yourself with your own outfit!

  4. Ha, Rick...I will only be coordinated from the neck down! Hat is yellow, sunglasses are orange with orange lenses!


    But my family will have NO excuse for missing me on the course, that's for certain! :D

  5. I think I'll be able to hear you all the way in Ohio if you wear all that. Heh...

    Awesome, K!

  6. Ha, I think that could happen. Listen for me between the hours of 9am - 1:30pm EST (8-12:30CST) on 10/5!