Naughty New Balance!

How can I not love NB when they put out ads like this?:

Hi-larious! The rest of the LOVE/hate ad campaign is on YouTube. Brilliant stuff. I love that dry wit with a little bit of adult humor thrown in.

Tomorrow's 4 miler ends my last "high mileage" week of marathon training. I am wiped-out...but not as much from running as I am from not sleeping well. I'm pretty on edge over "homeowner issues." With all of our recent rains (compliments of hurricane Ike) we discovered that our roof (that we already knew would need replacement in the not-too-distant future) needs immediate replacement. And, in addition to leaking, we developed some black "toxic" mold growing on our bedroom ceiling.

Now, black mold is nothing to mess with. It has been known to prove fatal to infants and cause serious lung issues in children and adults, as well as potential neurological problems. I already have moderate persistant asthma and am on a inhaled combo steroid/bronchodilator medication, in addition to using an inhaler and 2 prescription asthma meds (one steroid nasal spray and an oral med). So I'm about the last person who wants to have this stuff growing in her bedroom...especially so close to competing in a sporting event that is perhaps more aerobic than any other athletic activity.

2 nights ago I had a helluva time falling asleep.  I was afraid to take deep breaths for fear of inhaling mold spores, which isn't real conducive to sleep.  Yesterday AM I sprayed bleach solution on the affected areas and they almost instantly faded from black to brown and then even to yellow.  Gently blotted the spots with old towels and threw them right in the wash with plenty of soap and Oxyclean.

Aside from the lack of sleep my runs have gone surprisingly well.  2 days ago I did an old 40 minute yoga workout on my cross-training day and yesterday's run felt REALLY loose.  I definitely need to do at least one day of that each week until my race.  I'm thinking I need to incorporate a day or two of yoga into every week.  Runners are notoriously stiff.

Tomorrow I round out my 40 mile week with a 4 mile race-pace workout.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I think I will be finishing today with a well-deserved beer or two. :)


  1. Funny ad!

    Sorry to hear about the mold and the roof needing to be done right away. We had some bad flooding here in the Chicago suburbs from a storm system that same weekend, and then Ike's remnants. I hope the mold doesn't affect your breathing. Can you sleep in a different room? Can you get that taken care of soon, or is it an insurance issue that's going to be in limbo forever?

    The yoga sounds heavenly. I personally wouldn't have the patience for it, but if it's working for you, that's awesome. Have a good run today, and have that well-deserved cold one!

  2. Thanks, Shannan!

    You know, my brother is an hour NW of Chicago...I haven't heard from him since last weekend, so I assume his house was OK. His basement is kind of prone to flooding, so it wouldn't surprise me if he had issues. I think he has 2 sump pumps.

    So far sleeping in our room has been OK. I think my attack with the bleach bottle took care of the worst of things (I got all the visible mold, at least). We haven't had any precipitation and it looks like the coming week will be dry, too. We do have a teeny tiny room upstairs that we keep cleaned-out for guests (it fits a queen size air mattress and not much else), so if worse comes to worst we can move up there until we can take care of our bedroom.

    On the bright side, DH is open to the idea of borrowing a truck and heading across state to the nearest Ikea after we re-do our bedroom ceiling. We have an old home with ONE small closet in the whole place, so we'd be stocking up on wardrobes and dressers...stuff that actually looks coordinated. We're going to paint our bedroom, too. I'm tired of pale yellow with accents of crayon.


  3. Sorry to hear about the mold! I found mold in my house, too, this week--probably as a result to a roof leak due to Hurricane Ike moving through Missouri. Try not to lose too much sleep!

  4. Thanks, Sarah Jo--I hope your mold issues are easy to fix. Nasty stuff!

    I slept so hard last night, but a certain 7 year old was still up too early. I need to hit the hay now and hope to get a bit more caught-up on sleep tonite.


  5. That is a good ad...since I don't watch much in the way of TV I hadn't seen that one yet.

  6. Blaine, I'm like you...I rarely watch TV (though I'm thinking I need to see what this Heros thing is all about). I found the ad online. That whole NB series is really well-done.