Phew, I made it!

As recent as a month ago I was not sure that I'd see this day.  

Today I started my 16th week of training for my first marathon (well, technically yesterday, but since Sundays are a rest day I don't really count it as anything).  5 weeks ago today was my first run in the Superfeet insoles (I have worn the "berry" and "green" ones and think the greens will be the better fit for race day).  With the insertion of the new insoles in my shoes I began to gain some footing (ha, running humor) in my battle against my stupid right knee.  It's still not perfectly healed, but it's no longer a source of misery on my longest runs...more of just a relatively minor annoyance.

Today I ran my 2nd 20 mile run...and with that run behind me I can now commence nearly 3 weeks of "tapering."  This week will still be a 40 mile week, which isn't really low mileage, per se, but still not my peak in training (that was 2 weeks ago).  Next week will be 28 miles...haven't seen mileage that low since the middle of July when I took almost a week off to help the knee (which it didn't).  The week after that--the week before race day--I have 17 miles on the schedule...17...which would be about like a single long run, nowadays.  

I have a feeling that taper madness is gonna hit me that week...hard.  Or probably more like by the middle of next week.  3 and 4 mile runs...wow.  I'm going to have a very difficult time keeping the pace EASY during those runs.  I think not eating my body weight every day is going to be a challenge, too.  I've become very accustomed to eating...a LOT and not gaining.  Not losing, but now's not really an optimum time to try to lose weight, either.  The stress of the knee issues and fueling myself for my mileage (candy and beer is fuel, right...shut up!) doesn't lend well to adding the extra challenge of a calorie deficit.

Heh, speaking of beer...I am celebrating my entrance to taper mode with a nice bottle of ale-y goodness right this minute. :D


  1. Congratulations! What is this Taper Beer you speak of? :)

  2. woo hoo! Enjoy your taper! I'm so excited for you... Almost there!!

  3. candy and beer is fuel, right.

    OF COURSE it is! :)

  4. Way to go on the 20!! Here's a toast to your taper.

  5. just found your blog through amy's post :) congrats on tapering for your first marathon! i just ran my first one in aug - it was such an amazing experience!!

    enjoy the taper! enjoy running easy and rest, relax and sleep! it will definitely pay off.

  6. Thanks, Aron! I'm glad to hear there is life after the first 'thon! :D

    August, 'eh? That's a dangerous time of year to run a marathon unless you live in the Southern hemisphere...it could be REALLY hot, then. You are brave (and or nuts?).