Super Ginormous Thanks!!!

To everyone who has donated to my Girls On The Run fundraising efforts, I am so enormously appreciative!  I am currently sitting right around $860, so $140 to hit my goal of $1k raised...I'm gonna do it (I still have until the end of next month to gather donations)!  Third try's the charm, apparently.  It doesn't hurt that I have fabulously generous friends and family, either. ;)

Today is a quiet day.  I'm not going to run (not even the piddly 3 miler I had planned)...or do anything else fitness-related.  I'm gonna embrace being a slug for a day!  I have 25 thank-you notes to get done and ready to mail, and I also need to help DS work on painting his 7 ugly brown cowbells for race day...I gotta have more cowbell, baby! :D

I hit 25 miles for the week.  In the last day or two I've been able to sleep more soundly and I feel less "edgy" and like my heart is racing.  I really think I had gotten to the point of over training.  This coming Winter I want to try to maintain 30-35 miles/week.  During the past Winter I think I was doing 25-30 miles most weeks.  

If I can keep up with even 30 miles every week, then training for the Riverbank Run 25k in May won't be as much of a shock to my system and will leave me stronger to get a healthy, uninjured start training for a Fall marathon (assuming that I actually want to do another one next year--or ever).  The more miles I can maintain year-round, the easier it will be to launch into a slightly more ambitious marathon training plan the next time around.

Speaking of the marathon...now that it's less than 10 days 'til I toe-the-line I can start obsessing about the weather.  Right now the prediction is for a high temp. in the low-60s with full sun and only 20% chance of rain.  I'm sure this will change at least a half-dozen times before the start of the race, but for now that sounds like a pretty excellent forecast! :D

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  1. oooh, I really hope you have excellent weather.

    Glad you're sleeping better. And that's kind of scary about your heart racing thing....