The Toilet

...that's where you'll find my motivation.

Today's training schedule features an easy cross-training day. I had planned to do a 15-minute abs workout and then ~10 easy miles on my clunky mountain bike, but I don't wanna. I just don't feel like leaving the house, even though it is gorgeous out. It's a little cool and windy, which on a bike could feel pretty cold...I don't feel like putting tights over my cycling shorts and wearing long sleeves. Plus I know my butt (and other areas) will inevitably start complaining just a mile or two into the ride...pain, numbmness...meh.

So here I sit...procrastinating. Gotta eat lunch, then I will make myself do the abs work ('cause I know how much the lower belly and back can hurt in the later miles of a run/race and I need every bit of strength I can muster for those last 6.2 miles on race day). I'll do my 15 minute legs strengthening work, too. Always good to work those quad muscles a bit more to keep the knee behaving.

But what I really want to do is take a nap. I am beat after 14.5 weeks of this training. I was pretty sure that my alarm on my old PDA wasn't working the last 2 mornings (DH has been in the shower already when my PDA goes off, so he can't attest to whether or not it's been functioning properly), but I set a test alarm just a bit ago and it worked fine. I think I slept through my alarms, which is NOT typical. I'm usually a very light sleeper and never sleep through anything, but my body seems to have talked my brain into ignoring the obnoxious beeping.

Is it taper time, yet?


  1. "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." - [Walter Bagehot]

    Sometimes the "people" saying you can't do it is yourself.. maybe it's time to prove yourself wrong :) Somehow that would make you right and wrong at the same time which might disrupt the space/time continuum, but don't focus on that :)

  2. Ha...I'm so confused now that I think I will go workout!


  3. I have an idea about how you felt today. It took me saying "right after I do this" about 10 times before I finally bit the bullet and got in my W2D2 of C25K. Your post did give me insight as to why we need the strong abs, and when to expect back pain, etc. I haven't come across that yet, as I'm just starting out. :-\

    I also get what you mean about not hearing the alarm. Maybe resetting it one way or another by 5 minutes will trick your body clock so you actually hear it be being surprised by it. I tend to know when it's going to go off and wake up a minute beforehand. Maybe this only makes sense to me. lol

  4. Shannan, you know if I reset my alarm that it will be for later, not earlier...ha!


    The sore abs thing first hit me when I was training for my first half-marathon. I would get to about 10-11 miles and it felt like I could no longer keep my torso upright. So far I have not had this problem during marathon training, BUT I have been pretty good about doing the ab workouts 1-2 times/week...so it must be helping.