Top 10 reasons why...

I should get my butt out the door and do my run:

1. It's the last long run before taper.
2. I've already done a 20 miler and it didn't kill me.  Odds are this one won't kill me, either.
3. It's perfect running weather (mid-50s, breezy, semi-overcast).
4. If I don't do it today the odds are that I will catch some awful virus and my window for getting this run out of the way will have passed...and I will be running my marathon with my sole 20 miler almost 5 weeks before the race and won't be in optimum fitness.
5. I have 2 bottles of Oberon in the fridge that I can only have AFTER my run is completed.
6. My butt is big and sitting here procrastinating does nothing to change that.
7. It's not raining.
8. Eryn already did her 20 miler and is "enjoying" taper...
9. I want to be home before dark.
10. All my running buddies are telling me to HTFU!


  1. It's almost 3:30 or 4:30 (can't remember what time zone you're on) so you better not be reading this comment until you've finished your run! I hope it went well.

  2. Congatulations on the final 20 miler! Glad to read from your RA log that it went relatively well, other than the blisters. You're on your way, Baby!! You've done so well and been so consistent in your training, it's gonna go fine! ;)

    Hopefully you'll get a good pic from your marathon race to put in the upper left of your blog. I won't hold my breath though. LOL

  3. Ha, I know...I need a good race photo. I look like the Incredible Dork in most of them. Especially when I dress in clown colors like at Riverbank Run!