Waiting for the Inevitable

Everyone experiences taper madness, right?  Today is T-minus 14 days 'til my first marathon.  I am surprisingly non-stressed...so far.  This week will probably provide my first taste of taper crazies.  I have "only" 28 miles on my schedule.  My lowest mileage week since about mid-May, with the exception of a week that I took mostly off in July to deal with the knee thing.
In the next 13 days I have a few goals...catch up on sleep, eat better (garbage in = garbage out), avoid catching any sort of viruses, not injure myself (gonna be some LEGO, Matchbox/Hotwheels cars and other assorted small toys finding their way into the trash, methinks), not kill my spouse or offspring....

On second thought, maybe I have entered the early phases of taper madness... :p

In gear-whorin' news...release date for the update of my favorite shoe is 2/1--just in time for my birthday.  Hopefully I can get through the Winter with my current stock.

A friend of mine wear-tested the upcoming New Balance 904 and says it's the best-fitting shoe she has ever worn.  I really hope the fit is closer to the 902 than the 903...the 902 is my marathon shoe.  

I must say that I'm not at all fond of the upcoming version of the shoe being primarily white.  White shoes look stupid new and after 100 miles end up looking filthy.  At least the 902/903 could still look great at any mileage, since the bright colors camouflaged the dirt.

The same friend just found out that she will be receiving her second pair for wear-testing--the New Balance 904 TRAIL!!!  I am REALLY geeked about this (and the fact that it's so garish--I loves me some flashy, fugly shoes!).  After I've recovered from my marathon I really want to start doing some trail running, since now I have several local gals that I can run with.  Previous to the development of the little local running group I was apprehensive of trail running, since the idea of being alone in the "wilderness" left too many risks...creepy dudes, wild dogs...my natural lack of grace that could leave me incapacitated and out of cell phone range.  We have turkey buzzards in this area.  I have horrific visions of them circling lower and lower, just waiting to start picking at my carcass. *shudders*

Unfortunately the 904 Trail will not be released until April 1 (sheesh, is it a joke?!), so I wouldn't be able to make use of the shoe for any Fall or Winter runs (unless I am miraculously chosen to wear-test, too...which would be nice, seeing as how I have worn the last 2 road versions of the shoe).  I may try to find a pair of trail shoes for Winter, but most models on the market either appear to be a trail version of a racing flat or a stiff, clunky, higher-stability shoe.  The trail version of the 904 will really fill a missing place in the trail shoe line-up (at least for weirdos like me with wide, hard-to-fit feet).

I would be able to have a pair on my feet if I end up on a team for the North Country Trail Relay in June, which is something I'm hoping we can put together.  I think teams can be up to 6 people, so between the gals I run with locally and maybe another friend or two from other parts of the state we can come up with a group.

In another gear-related story, the shirt that I had purchased for my marathon (to match my girly skirt "outfit") was not a good fit.  In both the med. and large the shirt was too short (mommies who have had c-sections don't like our bellies blurping-out while we run...at least this one doesn't).  The decorative banding around the arms was sure to cause massive chafing, too (BTDT...anything with too much of a seam in some spots is guaranteed trouble).  The color was a perfect match, however, so I went back to Sierra Trading Post to look at other options from Hind in the same color.  I ended up with the top at right.

The seams are much simpler and flatter, the shirt is a bit longer, and just generally a comfier fit.  I did like that funky triangle cut-out on the original top, but not worth the troubles it would likely give rise to.

The shirt is very sheer...meshy, a bit see-through, but will be perfect under my Girls On The Run tank on race day.

Speaking of GOTR.  There's still a month to donate to my cause.  Including off-line donations I am about 3/4 of the way to my $1k goal, so dig deep, peeps!

In news completely unrelated to running: 
As of 10pm last night we are again a 2-car family.  For about the last year my old "boysenberry blue" Ford Escort sat unused and unloved in the driveway (a year ago we inherited a nice Mazda 626 sedan from my ILs, so the Escort was no longer "needed").  A week or so ago an online friend posted looking for a cheap car.  I offered "Grimace" to her, but she doesn't know how to drive stick (pity...ability to drive manual is such a useful skill, IMO--it makes a person a better driver in almost every case).  Shortly after I posted another woman sent me a private message asking if we still had the car.  I messaged her back saying that we did and it was hers for the taking.  Yesterday she and her family made the 3+ hour drive to retrieve the car.

I was a little apprehensive...that's a long way for them to travel for a car that had a completely dead battery and brakes that had seized-up after a year of non-use.  But she and her DH both work full-time and are full-time college students (she's working on a PhD and her hubby his Master's) with 5 kids.  I believe they are sharing a single car, so having a second source of transportation is really a necessity with their busy schedules.

Her husband and step-son worked on the car for a few hours, put a new battery on it, and got the beast running, again.  The Escort was a little puttery, but still ran fairly smoothly just in the few minutes he buzzed around back and forth in the driveway.  I hope the little car is as reliable and inexpensive to operate for them as it was for us for so many years.  There are things we know are no longer functional, like the A/C, but the engine still sounds good and there are so few things that can go wrong with such a simple car.  I can't wait to hear how they like the car after giving it a good washing.  After a year of sitting under a tree it is so covered in random debris and the pretty dark periwinkle paint has lost its luster.  Nothing a good bath and coat of wax won't cure. :)


  1. ability to drive manual is such a useful skill, IMO--it makes a person a better driver in almost every case

    I agree...I got my first stick shift car in January '07 (despite being barely proficient at manual driving at the time...that drive home from the dealership was...hair-raising) and now I don't know if I could ever go back to an automatic. I love driving stick. And yeah, it is a small comfort to know I can drive any vehicle anywhere and not be limited by only knowing how to drive automatic.

    Good luck with your taper...I'm still a week out from the onset of my own and I'm sure I will be going stir-crazy, too. This week is my last high-mileage week culminating with my second 20-miler on Saturday. Then it's taper time!

  2. Yeah, I won't be going back to an automatic transmission any time soon, either...manuals ROCK on bad MI roads, as I'm sure you've discovered, as well!


    Taper's not driving me *too* nuts...yet. So far I am actually enjoying the promise of a couple of weeks of time for something other than running. Ask me if I still feel this way in a week, though.