What I really need...

...is to go back to bed. Darn DH and his friday night bottle of wine. Split it while watching "No Country For Old Men." Didn't sleep well...cats and kid up too early. 2 big mugs of coffee later I feel semi-human. Taper cannot come soon enough.

2 days until I run my last 20 mile training run, then the business of taper can begin. I now understand why taper is typically 2-3 weeks. My body is definitely still recovering from my first 20 miler almost 2 weeks ago. I'd probably be in better shape recovery-wise if I'd been sleeping better...and I'm sure that the sleep issues are in part due to the hard training. Kind of a catch-22 scenario.

Today my schedule calls for a 5 mile "race pace" run. I'll get the 5 in, but whether it's at pace will depend entirely upon how I feel. I'm not going to push it this close to my last 20 miler. Right now I simply need to do everything possible to avoid injury or illness. Actually, part of me hopes I catch a cold after the 20...get it out of the way. I live in constant paranoia that I will become sick a day or two before the race. There are no words to describe how much that would suck. But I've already had one DNS this year due to illness (10 miler back in April...had a horrible lung infection/flu), so hopefully the Fates will look kindly upon me this time.

Now that the race is so near I'm considering doing a little facelift on my blog, too. My current theme is sort of a marathoner-in-the-making and barring any tragedy it'll happen. So now I'm thinking something more along the lines of HTFUing mom may be appropriate.... ;)


  1. Oh... there will be no *tragedies*. At the end of the day on October 5th, you WILL be a marathoner my dear! ;)

  2. Oh, I hope so...I have my fingers and toes crossed!