1 Week Later

It's already been a full week since I completed my very first marathon. I'm still pretty wiped-out and hardly running, BUT that's as much due to a cold/allergy thing that is dogging me. I had planned to do 4-5 miles today, but at 6:30 this morning had to get up to take some ibuprofen for my raw throat and awful sinus pain. I used my neti pot for the first time in months, too.

As much as it's driving me nuts to not be out running--especially with this GORGEOUS weather--I'm glad the illness gunk held off until now. I was hyper-paranoid all during taper that I'd get hit with a bug and be incapacitated on race day.

I have yet another reason to keep my mileage nice and steady all Winter long (planning to maintain 30-35 miles/week, most weeks...hopefully we have a bit less snowfall this year). Some friends and I are going to try to get a team together for the North Country Trail Relay in June. Each of us would be responsible for roughly 13 miles of the full course, assuming we each took on the same cumulative legs (6 runners/team, 15 legs of varying lengths and difficulty levels). DH's uncle-in-law is race director, which is kind of cool. It doesn't guarantee our team a spot, though--first dibs go to teams from the previous year, then new teams are first come, first served. There is already 1 new team on the waiting list, so our team needs to get it's proverbial shit together ASAP.

And what kind of team organizer would I be if I hadn't given thought to "uniforms"?  We already have a team name and a rough draft of a logo for custom shirts we'd have made (most likely with 8.5 x 5" logo on the back, names on the front):

The logo color scheme was inspired when I was looking at runningskirts.com's camo running skirts for the girls (can't get any guys to go in on it, heh.  They don't know what they're missing in terms of comfort).  So even if we're not fast, we'll blend into the trees and we can be slow and stealthy!


  1. all levels of difficulty? ;) it does sound like another fun run....

  2. Wanna see the sample legs I'm playing with for the race? This one has back-to-back legs for each runner:

    And this one breaks things up a bit:

  3. I love the skirts! Sounds like a cool race!

    Sorry about the cold/allergy gunk. Hope it goes away soon.

    What's a Neti pot?

  4. oh looks like fun!

    it took me a couple weeks to get back into running too. good job for letting yourself rest and heal.

  5. Monnik, a neti pot is kind of a little pitcher thing that you put a warm saltwater solution in. It sounds nasty, but you pour it in each nostril (while your head is tilted to the side) and let it wash out all the gunk. It kills nasty sinus infection causing bacteria in the process, too. Takes a little bit of practice to do it without feeling like drowning, but it's worth the effort.

    Aron, thanks for the kudos. Today I managed 5 miles and it felt a bit better. Amazing how rough 5 miles feels compared to 10 miles just a few weeks ago.

  6. Sounds like a fun event to look forward too, LOVE The skirts. Ok, I may be too much of a newbie to know what HTFU stands for, I have an idea, but do share - use astericks as needed ha ha..

    Thanks for sharing your asthma insights. I am well stocked with drugs now and feeling better already! My old 'puffer' was expired and couldn't be found anyway, but I think I'm going to need to always have one on hand now! It's been almost 2 years since I needed one!

    Glad you're taking it easy, and I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Cyndi, this explains HTFU: