After the Marathon

Just did my first little recovery "run." Wow...thought my quads were feeling pretty good prior to heading out--joke's on me!

But more than physical pain I definitely am feeling the post-race blues. It was hard heading alone out the door to just another run on one of my boring old routes. No spectators calling my name and urging me on (AND pronouncing my name correctly 90% of the time, even), no cowbells, no clapping, no sounds of other runners' footsteps, breathing, talking. My iPod is a poor substitute.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and if there is anything I can say about Cheeseheads, it's that by and large they are some of the kindest, "funnest" people I have ever spent time around.  This weekend's race was kind of like a really long run with a few thousand friends.  I did not encounter a single rude or oblivious runner during the entire event--not even at the start when it's quite common to find oneself having to dodge other runners who overestimate their pace ability before completing even the first mile.

This getting back to life without a marathon looming over my head is really not all it's cracked-up to be. :(


  1. Hey Kristen - It's like Christmas, or planning a wedding, or a dream vacation. Lots of build up, planning, excitement, nervousness...and then, it's over.

    I do not have experience in post race 'letdowns'....but the only advice I can give would be to continue to recover and reflect on the experience. Then start planning the next one...make a new goal, what you will do to achieve it.

    For now, Just Run. :-)

  2. I think you're completely on the money with your theory. After I had my son I experienced this, too...it didn't end the way I had hoped (C-section after 12 hours of labor, then he wouldn't latch-on, so breastfeeding was not the serene thing I had pictured in my head), either.

    I am already planning ahead to my next race--my first trail race the middle of next month. And I'm definitely going to train for a second marathon next Fall. Even with the pain that was just too much fun!


  3. Hey Kirsten,

    Congrats on your first marathon. I ran Milwaukee also and someone referred me to your blog. I had some of the same muscle spasm problems as you so I can relate. My race report is posted on another message board - here's the link to the topic:


    That was definitely a long ass bus ride from the finish to the start - kind of intimidating. Congrats again!

  4. Oh, my goodness...parts of your race report read exactly like mine, T HAF! You poor thing! You must have gotten caught in that awful rain, too. But we sure lucked-out compared to those folks running in Minneapolis--yuck!

    Milwaukee was definitely an excellent race, though. I'd do it again in a hearbeat!


  5. It was just a little drizzle for the last mile. No big deal.

  6. It must have been the folks in that very tail end who would have been affected, then. I think it was around 2pm that I was looking out the hotel window at the wind and rain and feeling bad for those finishing just before cut-off.